5 Crafts Your Kids will love this Valentine’s Day !

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There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day in the office and seeing your kids or loved ones. Make sure to leave work on time and get ready to prepare for some DIY with your kids in prep for Valentine’s day. There are so many homemade craft ideas to enjoy that the whole family will love! Here are our suggestions on how to surprise that loved one or entertain those little rascals!


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1. Hot Chocolate Station

Nothing warms the heart more than a customized cup of hot chocolate. For this cold time of the year there is no better excuse than to sip a cosy cup and prep a DIY hot chocolate bar at home with all your favourite toppings. Something to enjoy with the whole family and the kids won’t be able to hold their excitement! Why not set out a tray of chocolates to go with your decadent drinks and tantalise the whole family!


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2. Flower Wreath

Use bunches of artificial flowers to make elegant wreaths for your walls or front door. Kids will love displaying this lovely puffy heart wreath of flowers , and it’s one of the least expensive things you can make. Use wire framing to create a good base for the flowers to sit on. You can pick up foam flowers in different colours to create a really neat looking wreath and customise it to your own interior.


Fire up your hot glue gun and glue around the edge of the bottom of one of your foam roses. Add the flowers one by one onto the wire wreath. The kids can glue them onto the structure and fill it in with a variety of colours or keep it one tone. Be careful as the glue gun can become hot.


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3. Lace Candles

Candles create a really special ambiance – they can make your home cozy, beautiful and warm. To decorate your house for Valentine’s Day, these lace motif candle holders are just the thing to add lustre into your home. They add a romantic and cosy atmosphere and can be easily created with some scraps of lace, mason jars, thread, and a hot glue gun. Easy on the pocket, the variations are limitless and the satisfaction is guaranteed!


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4. Love Letters

DIY love letters are bound to make a lasting impression. Involve your kids and write something sweet for someone you love in a hand crafted written letter. Great way to show your love and appreciation to someone important and for the kids to express themselves in a creative way.


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5. Valentine’s Cookies

Making Valentine’s Day cookies with your kids may seem like it will end in flour flying everywhere, but the memories and fun that you’ll have will be worth it. Involve your kids and challenge them to get creative. The perfect way to bond and make something delicious at the same time. Why not gift your cookies to your neighbours with some cellophane and some pink ribbons!




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