5 Ways To Keep Your Website And Brand Up To Date



While there is a little more time to focus now on things you may have put on the long finger, why not really invest some time into your current website. Nearly everything is online right now and under our current climate, your company will only be seen through your website, so make it the best it can be!

Your website is the face of your company. Remember first impressions count for a huge amount. Websites are built to visualise your brand to attract visitors. Before your potential customer even has the chance to make contact with you via email, phone or in person, they only have your website to go by, so make it the best representation of your company that you can!


Responsive Web Design

Make sure your website works on all devices.

A lot of hard work has been put into your website, so you should be feeling confident that everyone will get to enjoy viewing and learning about your brand. But imagine if the way you see it, is different to the way others see it! Triple check that all devices work seamlessly together so that no one misses out. If they don’t display well, that means that there will be a huge drop off on your website. There are so many devices available at the moment and some CRM systems allow you to test on several devices, so be clever and test everything before hand and make amends as you need to.


Relevant Social Media

Always remember that content is king! Engaging content is the only way your brand can organically build on users and get shared then subsequently get the recognition it deserves. Social media is so important for a brand whether it means sharing some activities that your company is involved with or sharing some posts you have been tagged in. An ‘always on’ approach is key with your business. It shows your visitors how you work along-side other brands/companies and how networking is important to you. This is the best way to reach out to the masses in one go. People love to browse online, so be sure to choose the correct time of the day to schedule in your important posts. What is the first thing you do before booking something? You check out the reviews! People trust a brand that has been tested out before so will really appreciate seeing reviews and testimonials on your website. Client testimonials will really emphasise that mutual trust.


Keep Things Fresh

Always update your content. You need to keep up with all the relevant events that are happening out there. Keep up with trends. This world moves extremely fast and it’s very easy to miss current affairs as they happen. It may help to have a quick look at any online news reports that have relevance within your company. Topics that are useful for your target audience will always get lots of engagement. It’s so important to have a user central approach in everything that you do on your website. It is not about your own personal taste. It’s also a good idea to have certain topics you focus around. Edit as much as possible maintain it and keep it consistent, so that your user is used to seeing certain content in the same place each time. You need to build a trust with your users. They need to trust that they will receive interesting content and will be able to find the content in the same place each time.


Study your Websites Visitors

You should always track who your users are. It is important to keep track of what countries your users are from so that you can keep things relevant for them. There are a huge number of CRM Systems you can use to track all of this data. Be wise about your selection. Choose one that fits for your company. Always remember the size of your company matters. Keep track on how your social media has been preforming. Look at click through rate, examine the content that has the most clicks, and work upon this for your next one. Gauge how many likes each of your social posts are getting. This way you can share more content that you know your user will like.


Wow your Customer

Always remember that the design and ease of use become major factors in choosing a company. The customer has little time to shop around, so at first glance they must be wowed and the website must be user friendly and very straight forward to use. Think of it this way, some visitors will have never seen your website before or know how it works, so the navigation system must be extremely straight forward to use. Think of what audience you want to attract and what demographic you are working with.


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