Five Minute Focus On: Donna Daniels, Glandore

Glandore Members

This month, we chatted with Glandore Belfast's Centre Manager, Donna Daniels. Donna manages the operational activities of our Belfast offices, and the subsequent needs of 600 individuals. She shares details about the Glandore organisation, and her favourite elements of working in Belfast.

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5 lessons when leading a family business - From our founder


Family businesses play a key role in not only the Irish, but the global economy. However, leading a family business is no easy task. There is not only pressure to provide, but to succeed for the sake of your family. You must also plan for succession, and create a culture that works for everyone. All while striving to achieve that so called work-life balance. Here are Michael Kelly's five lessons when leading a family business:

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5 tips to make sure your fitness goals last

Health & Wellbeing

Wanting to improve your fitness in time for summer? Brian Brennan, from FSS, shares his 5 tips to make sure your fitness goals last.

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The rule of twenty: Taking back some me-time

Health & Wellbeing

Where the Rule of Twenty comes into play, and it’s really quite simple, dedicate twenty minutes every evening to something that’s both productive and fulfilling, without it necessarily being work.

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The rise of the workplace experience manager

Office & Workplace

Workplace experiences are becoming more and more important for today’s employees and many forward-thinking companies are working hard to meet and exceed expectations. Some are even creating new roles to address employee experience.

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