Breakfast ideas for your busy mornings

Food & Drink

Breakfast; the most important meal of the day. We have been told this over and over again, yet many of us often skip it. We blame our busy lives, rushing out the door in the morning but our blood sugar levels are low first thing in the morning, making it difficult for our brain and our muscles to work at their most effective self. Plus, let’s face it, even with the best of intentions, you’re more like to reach for the high in fat, high in sugar, snacks, when you’re most hungry.

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300 new Tullett Prebon jobs announced for Belfast

Glandore Members

We would like to congratulate new Glandore Belfast members, Tullett Prebon, who will establish a major technology centre in Belfast, creating 300 new jobs over the next three years. Announcing the investment, First Minister, Arlene Foster stated “I welcome this highly significant multi-million pound investment by Tullett Prebon. Today’s announcement of 300 new jobs will contribute over £9.9million in additional salaries into the Northern Ireland economy each year.

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