Five ways to promote positive mental health in the workplace

Health & Wellbeing

Traditionally workplaces in Ireland focused on promoting physical health and wellbeing, however due to the rise of mental health issues which can often be directly caused by stressful working environments, employers must support both mental and physical health.

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How to get your business Brexit ready


With March 29th 2019 fast approaching, Glandore member companies and businesses across Ireland are bracing themselves for an unknown future. Preparing for change is the best practice businesses can take. Here is the Glandore guide to getting your business Brexit ready.

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Winter is coming - How to keep employees motivated

Office & Workplace

The days are getting darker and the temperature is getting colder, which can only mean one thing. Winter is coming. With the end of the good weather, what better time to share some insights on keeping your team motivated. Here are 10 simple ways to show appreciation and keep employees motivated.

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Five reasons why you should set up business in Cork City

Office & Workplace

Traditionally Cork may have been overlooked as an innovative place to do business as many would have favoured Dublin as their first choice due to the large talent pool and location. However, with the evolution of the city and the growth of the workforce, Cork city is quickly becoming the newest hotspot.

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Five Minute Focus On: Maurice Whelan, Unleash Potential

Glandore Members

At Glandore, we offer our member’s complimentary access to our Member Network which offers monthly events on business advisory, leadership insights, and learning and development. Next week, Glandore Members, Unleash Potential, will be providing a complimentary Leadership Coaching Event for our Glandore Members. In advance of this, we sat down with the company’s Managing Director, Maurice Whelan, to find out more about how they believe in unlocking the potential within companies and individuals.

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