A Great Neighbourhood Starts With You.

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You could live in the most amazing neighbourhood in the world, but if you are not getting involved in community initiatives, supporting a local business or even going for a scenic walk in your local park, you are truly missing out.

We all get carried away with the usual busy lifestyles, always chasing your tail, and trying to complete one more things on your never ending to-do list. With the current slower pace of life, we all have a greater opportunity to get involved in our communities. Even at a distance, there are still a lot of great things that can be achieved as a group and will enable you to enjoy your neighbourhood more than ever before. We have listed off a short list with some of our suggestions to kick start your weekend and get you motivated in sharing your talents with your neighbours!


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Reach Out To A Neighbour

Now more than ever, your neighbours need your help, particularly those that are more vulnerable. If you don’t have their contact details, leave a note with yours and let them know that you are here to help. This is also a great way to meet any newcomers to the neighbourhood that you have not met yet. There are an abundance of activities and creative ways that you can show a neighbour you care.


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Little Niceties

Why not create a small care pack for a neighbour. This could include some pocket sized tissues, picked flowers and some home made cookies. It doesn’t need to be costly – just a small gesture so they don’t feel alone. A book exchange station on your front porch is also another clever idea. You get to share your books and also declutter at the same time! There so many small things that you can do, that require very little effort but the reward of making someone’s day is the pay-off. It’s so important to think of the greater good and a better community can start with one person – you. Your positive influence can have a rippling effect that will keep on giving. It’s important to set an example especially for children, and in time they will act in kindness from the examples they have seen being made.


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DIY Projects

Bigger things are achieved when a community is behind it . You can kick start a recreational project on your street. Either renewing flowers pots, trimming communal greenery, or helping a lonely neighbour paint their front gate. Little actions like these create a strong community spirit. During this time when human contact is forcibly more distant, little tasks can be organised and shared through a phone call, group chat or email. Is that little communal hedge overgrown? Give it a trim! You can do your bit to help revamp your neighbourhood and stay connected at the same time. And there’s no better time than Spring to put these actions in place.


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Explore Your Local Area

Explore your local area, walk down streets you have never been on. You might be surprised what you find in a 2km radius. As you get out for some fresh air during walks/ runs, change your route each time for a new scenery. It will be motivating and help you discover more of what you missed around your neighbourhood. Considering the current restrictions, many neighbours would have similar plans to head to local parks, the beach or local green particularly at the weekend. To avoid overcrowding, visit these places at non peak hours and enjoy the communal places to yourself. Outdoors can be a great rejuvenating escape, it’s wonderful to be surrounded by blue skies and blooming nature or sea. Take time to be present in the moment, reflect and connect with the world around you.


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Support Your Small Local Business

Is there a take-away, a small market, coffee or grocery shop in your area? It is so important to give these businesses all the support you can especially over the next couple of weeks. Buying your basics in your local shop can make all the difference and may mean these small businesses can keep their doors open during these uncertain times. Support local and if you have the opportunity to buy a few extra bits for those more vulnerable in your community, you hit two birds with the one stone!



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