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Tell us about yourself

My name is Alison Desmond, and I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with Velocity Growth, based in Cork. I’m 26 years old, and while I originally grew up in the outskirts of Cork, I recently made the move to the City Centre and have been loving the lively atmosphere here.

As a marketer, I’m truly passionate about working with businesses in a strategic and creative way. I believe that with the right approach, any business can make a big impact and achieve their goals. In addition to my love for marketing, I’m also very passionate about supporting women in business. That’s why I’m honored to be a part of The Club Women’s Network, where I sit on the Membership Committee.

When I’m not busy with work or networking, I like to unwind by spending time with my friends and family. One of my favorite ways to do that is by  grabbing a coffee and exploring Cork City. And when I need to recharge my batteries, I love taking a few days off to explore new places. In fact, I recently came back from a wonderful trip to the Algarve!

If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter under the handle @alisonmdesmond.

Tell us about Velocity Growth

Velocity Growth is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that empowers businesses to achieve rapid and sustained growth in their respective industries. With our international experience, we have served clients from various corners of the globe, including Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, and Australia. Our team of growth experts provides comprehensive support to clients, facilitating Holistic Business Growth.

Our services encompass Full Stack Marketing Support, Growth Modelling Support, Free Learning Resources, and Holistic Growth Campaigns. Whether you seek to enhance your brand presence, streamline your marketing efforts, or optimize your growth strategy, Velocity Growth has got you covered.

If you wish to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

What is your role at Velocity Growth?

As a Digital Marketing Specialist at Velocity Growth, my responsibilities encompass providing comprehensive guidance on marketing strategy and holistic growth for multiple clients representing diverse industries. My expertise in paid advertising enables me to work closely with our CMO in monitoring, reporting, and growing paid advertising accounts, thereby enabling our clients to derive maximum value from their marketing investments.

Tell us something about Velocity Growth we may not know

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product, This innovative tool is designed to help business owners, marketers, and ambitious professionals to create exceptional content for their social media platforms, positioning them as thought leaders in their industry. With, you can effortlessly create a month’s worth of high-level content in just one hour, with all editing and production handled by our expert team.

Our comprehensive service includes content idea generation brainstorming, audio and visual setup support, high-quality video production, audience growth support, and a passionate support team to ensure your success.

As a special offer for Glandore members, we’re offering a 10% discount on your monthly package when you use the promo code GLANDORE10.

For more information, visit and take the first step toward establishing yourself as a respected thought leader in your industry.

What’s next for Velocity Growth?

Velocity Growth is experiencing continued growth as we take on new clients for and agency clients. We are thrilled to have recently welcomed talented new team members who will help us continue to provide exceptional service. With so much positive momentum, we are looking forward to an exciting few months ahead for both Velocity Growth and

What do you think is the future of work?

I strongly believe that Velocity Growth is leading the way in how we operate with a fully remote international team and leverage AI to support our day-to-day operations. I anticipate that in the coming months and years, more companies will follow suit and take the leap towards a similar work style.

What do you like about being a Glandore Member?

I’m thrilled to have joined the Glandore community in March! As a fully remote company at Velocity Growth, it’s wonderful to have a physical space to come into every morning. Donna and Alice have been incredibly welcoming since my first day, and it’s been fantastic to connect with like-minded individuals. Attending the events hosted by Glandore has also been a highlight, providing opportunities to socialize and network with other members.

Saturday nights in or Saturday nights out?

I personally prefer spending a night with friends. There’s something incredibly satisfying about unwinding on a Saturday evening, catching up with each other over a movie and pizza. It’s the simple things!

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