Five Minute Focus On: Andrej Penkov, Keywordio

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Tell us about yourself

My name’s Andrej (pronounced “Andrey”), I joined Keywordio in December 2018 and am enjoying the ride! I come from a small town in Lithuania but my adventures took me to UK, where I got my degree, back to Lithuania, then to Ireland, New Zealand and back to Ireland again.

Tell us about Keywordio

Keywordio is a performance advertising agency. There’s dozens of things that we do, but in a nutshell our key focus is automating boring stuff and introducing new optimization solutions to the market.

What is your role in Keywordio?

I am head of the CSM – Customer Success Management – team here in Dublin. My main task is to take proper care of our account managers, so they can take proper care of our customers.

Tell us something about Keywordio that we may not know?

We doubled in size last year and are planning to do the same in 2019 🙂

What’s next for Keywordio?

Apart from very solid growth we also have a few product releases in the pipeline for 2019. I can’t share the details at this stage, but if you are a multibrand online retailer looking for profit margin optimisation – keep an eye on Keywordio.

What do you think is the future of work?

I honestly don’t know. I think in the next 15-20 years we will see a work shift so dramatic, we can’t even comprehend it properly today. To quote Tim Urban (the guy behind blog, which I love):

“As AI zooms upward in intelligence toward us, we’ll see it as simply becoming smarter, for an animal. Then, when it hits the lowest capacity of humanity—Nick Bostrom uses the term “the village idiot”—we’ll be like, “Oh wow, it’s like a dumb human. Cute!” The only thing is, in the grand spectrum of intelligence, all humans, from the village idiot to Einstein, are within a very small range—so just after hitting village idiot level and being declared to be AGI [Artificial General Intelligence – A machine that can perform any intellectual task that a human being can], it’ll suddenly be smarter than Einstein and we won’t know what hit us.”

What do you like about being a Glandore Member?

Everything! The vibe is very nice here! We enjoy both our office and common areas here at 24 Fitzwilliam Place! We also really appreciate the effort Glandore team puts into arranging social gatherings, happy hours, member breakfasts, massages, beauty treatments, yoga sessions and more. We are very well taken care of here.

What do you like about living and working in Dublin?

Dublin offers a lot of opportunities for pretty much anybody, especially if you are in IT and Ad Tech. It’s a massive hub for some of the biggest global tech players, but you also have a lot of small startups operating across the region from here. The atmosphere is more relaxed than in some cities I worked in and 30 min ride is all it takes to get outside the city and enjoy some stunning Irish nature.

Keywordio is a technology company developing ways to take search advertising to the next level. They provide a unique automated service that allows advertisers to advertise their entire product inventory while still achieving growth and extraordinary results. You can find out more at or follow them on socials: Linkedin Twitter

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