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Tell us about yourself

I hail from Kildare, though I have been working in Dublin for the last 15 years. I originally studied Fine Art and Sculpture in Cork, nowadays I focus on photography.  I have two large dogs and lately I’ve been getting into running canicross with the younger of them, Riker (I am a big Star Trek fan obviously).

I’ve always had an interest in technology so moving into an AV company ten years ago was a natural fit.  I went back to college in UCD Smurfit to study my MSc Business (Leadership & Management Practice) and I qualified in 2017.  I enjoy working closely with clients to design and build spaces that work for them. The artist in me likes to see a beautiful space that also maximizes the investment of a client and fits their needs in each scenario. In the AV field I have worked with companies across Europe streamlining the installation in each office and allowing for a native feel to the user experience. This allows an American user to feel completely comfortable walking into a European office with s system that they have in their own office space. My goal has always been to make sure the technology is right for them, ensuring a happy client who has minimal downtime with their AV systems.

You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn

Tell us about AVMI

We are Europe’s largest Audio Visual integrator (AVI) and were awarded the Global AV Integrator of year for 2018 and Corporate Project of the year 2019 for our work in Bloomberg, London.   We have been in business for almost 30 years and work in 150 countries globally.

Almost half of our business is based around the Managed Services division.  We have a Service Centre NOC in our HQ in Sunbury, UK with over 25 people working as first line responders to inbound service calls.  We also have a large number of engineers working on site with clients as in house AV service engineers.

What’s your role in your AVMI?

I joined the company in September last year, as the Sales Manager, opening the new Dublin office.  I am responsible for leading the Irish sales team, driving new business opportunities and strengthening relationships with our increasing client basis within Ireland.  I am building on our operational capabilities across Ireland to better serve the demands of new and existing clients.  To allow us to do this we are opening a new warehouse/operational facility in North Dublin over the next two months.

Tell us something about AVMI we may not know

We have recently opened up three new offices: Dublin, Hong Kong and New York, this brings our total global office count to six with another four in the foreseeable future.

Globally we are in recruitment overdrive, while in Dublin to meet our current demand we are recruiting for Sales and CAD positions for our Glandore office and Warehouse in north Dublin.

In February this year AVMI were ranked 71 on the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200.

What do you think is the future of work?

Flexibility.  The 9-5 working day is no longer standard, global teams work together, following the sun and the time demands on people have increased.  With this in mind video conferencing has moved away from the formal Boardroom setting and into the smaller 4-6 person huddle spaces, or at people’s desk, at home or in the office.  Boardrooms will still be needed, however smaller meeting rooms allow for a greater number of room in the same amount of space.  With teams being dispersed geographically Web conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Teams allow colleagues to speak face to face and share their work.

Online canvases like Nureva Span, Miro or Mural allow visual collaboration for ideation sessions.  These can be accessed through a mobile, tablet or laptop or interactive touch screen giving those in different locations the same experience and platform on which to share.  Rooms do not become locked down to hold the traditional sticky notes on the walls as everything is online, once the user logs out of their canvas the room can be used by other people in the company.

What do you like about being a Glandore Member?

Glandore strive to create a community.  Since arriving I’ve been to networking events, social gatherings and enjoyed our pancakes on pancake Tuesday.  The buildings are iconic in the Georgian city centre and a beautiful place in which to work.  While our team is growing quickly it was nice as a small team to be part of that community.

What do like about living and working in Dublin?

I am living in Kildare, a short hop, skip and jump to work in Dublin.  As the majority of our clients are a short distance from our office I can walk to most of my appointments, which is lovely. Dublin is undergoing a period of growth and rejuvenation that I’m proud to be a part of.  I love arriving into the city early in the morning when the traffic is only beginning to build, there is an energy to it, and if it’s a sunny day you cannot find anywhere better!

AVMI are a leading global AV integrator, their operation helps businesses to reshape their workspace environments with the latest communications and collaboration technology. You can find out more at or follow them on socials: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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