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What is a Virtual Office?

Glandore’s virtual office offers members ‘a strong business presence with the flexibility to work from anywhere’. Our members can enjoy all the benefits of a prestigious centrally located office space in Dublin or Belfast at a fraction of the cost.

But what is a virtual office? A virtual office is a ‘virtual business location’. It provides all the advantages of a fully serviced office but without the physical space. In other words, it is not similar to the traditional brick-and-mortar business that relies on face-to-face transactions. With a virtual office everything is done electronically, through cyberspace. 

Who Uses a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are not restricted to just one type of business. They suit all businesses. We house a diverse group of companies from ‘early stage’ and scaling tech start-ups, to professional services and recruitments but also insurance and pharma companies.

Some businesses choose virtual offices because it means that employees can work from a location that is most convenient for them.

Companies who seek to hire employees who are not situated locally also use virtual offices.

This type of office is alsoattractive to start-ups or sole traders who may not have the money or resources to have their own office.


What are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

Although the main advantage of a virtual office is the opportunity for employees to work whenever and wherever they like, there are also many other benefits:

  1. Prestigious Address — Enjoy all the benefits of a prestigious centrally located office, at a fraction of the cost. At Glandore, we handle your mail, hold it for collection or forward it on to you wherever you are.

  1. Call Forwarding — With a virtual office, your business can benefit from a local, dedicated company telephone number and seamless call forwarding service to a phone number of your choice.

  1. Community and Collaboration — As a Glandore Virtual Office member, you become part of the Glandore community. With Glandore, you can also gain exclusive access to Glandore Member Network events and benefits, connecting and collaborating with other like-minded companies and individuals across our Dublin and Belfast network.

  1. No commute timeMany employees travel long hours to get to work. This is particularly true in big cities where traffic is at its optimal in morning and evening times. No commuting = increased productivity and reduced levels of stress.

  1. Flexibility — Employees are happier as they get to spend more time with their family or doing other activities and can make up for their work either at weekends or evening times.

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The members network

Glandore is home to a wonderfully diverse group of companies from 'early stage' and scaling tech start-ups and creatives, to professional service and recruitment firms, insurance and pharma companies.

The Glandore Members Network and community is at the forefront of everything we do. As a family business, we care deeply about building long term connections and relationships with our members and partners. We offer our members more than just office space, we strive to create environments that encourage, inspire and support the growth of the companies we house.

Whether you have a virtual office, a coworking hotdesk or a private office, the Member's Network can offer a chance to network with other like-minded businesses, share ideas and experiences and hopefully drive business in your direction.

Our Glandore members connect and collaborate with each other through the Glandore Network. To encourage and facilitate connections, we host a range of exclusive Glandore Member Events from educational seminars and workshops, fireside discussions, social gatherings, business briefings, fitness classes and more in our unique meeting and event spaces.

Find out more about the Glandore Members Network, events, news and insights on the Glandore Blog.

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Glandore has a dedicated Network support team that ensures your workplace is a buzzing, creative and collaborative environment.

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