5 essential elements in a company wellness programme

Health & Wellbeing

Health, (both physical and mental), happiness, and productivity levels are heavily interlinked. The promotion of wellness is essential in order for employees to perform to their best ability.

Fostering a culture of health and wellness helps a company function to its full potential and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here are 5 essential elements that should be included in a company wellness programme.

1. On-site wellness facilities and services

Even something small such as filtered water can make a huge difference in an office space. Water is essential for healthy mind and body; therefore your office should provide fresh water at all times. Get a water cooler or provide a filtered tap, buy water in bulk cases and make sure the office fridge is stocked.

A service that can be offered on-site is yoga classes. Yoga is a great way of toning muscle, improving respiration, energy and vitatlity as well as strengthening cardio and circulatory health. Yoga classes can be carried out during lunch time or straight after work.

As part of a complimentary wellness programme, Glandore has a rotating schedule of fitness classes that change on a quarterly basis. We are currently providing a 6-week yoga course to promote relaxation and mindfulness amongst our members.

2. Discounted or free healthy food

Healthy, nutritious food means that employees feel better, their brains are ticking and they’re more active. If a company has an onsite canteen, the healthy offerings should be provided at a discounted rate to encourage staff towards more nutritious choices. Similarly, if free snacks are provided by the company, these should always include healthy options such as fruit and nuts. This encourages a healthy lifestyle which can mean a decline in health-related issues and absenteeism.

Companies such as Google, Glandore, and Salesforce provide on-site restaurants and/or snacks that are catered towards a healthy diet and lifestyle.

3. Communal areas

Having a designated space where people can move away from their desks can help with promoting creativity and avoiding an afternoon slump. Having an unused office or some extra breakout space with comfortable furniture is a perfect place for people to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. This provides a change of scenery and increases productivity.
The idea of communal spaces is seen across companies all over the world from small start ups to multinational high-tech companies.

  4. Negogiate discounts with local health centres

Many companies are now teaming up with local gyms and health centres in their vicinity to offer a discount to any employee who signs up as a member with the specific gym. This offers an incentive to employees as they get a discount at the club, and can encourage team members to use the facilities with their coworkers.

5. Help combat neck and eye strain

Many of us are looking at a computer for eight hours a day, five days a week. Staring at a bright screen with small typeface can take a toll on our vision. This can result in headaches and fatigue. Below are some ways to help combat eye strain:

  • Flux adapts the color of your screen to the time of day, sunlight during day time hours and warm blues during the evening/night.


  • Time Out reminds you when to take a break to avoid eye strain. It features two kinds of breaks: a “normal” break, typically for 10 minutes every hour, and a “micro” break: a very brief pause of about 15 seconds every 15 minutes. These reminders are set in order to try give your eyes a break as well as prevent tensing up for long periods to avoid neck strain.


  • Adjust your computer to eye level and directly in front of you at the desk, ensuring your neck isn’t twisted to look at the monitor.

These are just a few tips to provide employee wellness support in your organisation. The strategies can help create a happier, healthier workplace for all staff members while increasing the workplace culture and productivity levels.

Here at Glandore, we believe in encouraging healthy work environments and wellbeing. Our company events and initiatives are selected in accordance with our members’ values and beliefs. To find out more about becoming a Glandore member please click here.

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