5 tips to make sure your fitness goals last

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Lifestyle changes begin with Psychology, but habits are what help us achieve our goals.

With so many of us leading busy lives, it is easy for past habits to override any new -and possibly difficult- lifestyle changes. However, there is no reason your goals cannot be achieved, you just need to change the way you psychologically approach change. With summer around the corner, today is the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes in your life. Brian Brennan, from FFS, shares his 5 tips to ensure that your fitness goals stick.

Define your values

Understand we all have different priorities, certain activities, events and people in our lives come first. If we want to become fitter and healthier in 2017; we need to ensure health and fitness is important to us, we need to make it a priority before we set any type of goal.

Focus on the little things

Small things done well, day after day, week after week, month after month are what lead to great big accomplishments. Keep your peripheral vision on what it is you want to achieve in 2017, but remain focused on your actions and behaviours day in day out to attain your goal.

Goal achievement does not equal long term satisfaction

When it comes to fitness, there is a paradox, the fitter you get, the harder it is to stay fit. Do not be disillusioned, whilst you will find you feel amazing, positive and full of energy. You are going to have to work for it. You don’t get fit one day and that is it. You are going to have to work just as hard to stay fit and maybe even harder if you want to get fitter.

Am I Fit Yet?

There are a variety of fitness disciplines, some people are strong, some are flexible, some can run great distances or at great speed. Do not attempt to categorize yourself or compare yourself against another individual. The only person you should compare yourself against is your old self.

Eat and Recover Well

Place just as much emphasis on your diet and sleep as you do with working out in the new year, this is where your health prospers.

We hope these tips help you achieve your goals, so you can be your happiest and healthiest self. What do you hope to achieve? Let us know @glandorenetwork.


At Glandore, our members’ health and happiness comes first. With nutritious on-site dining choices, and wellbeing initiatives, we believe in facilitating positive lifestyle choices in the workplace. If you want to learn more about how we support our members, come book a tour.

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