Afternoon slump? The best way to beat it is easier than you think

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Many of us have felt the effects of a 3PM slump at one stage or another. While it’s become habit to head to the coffee machine for an espresso fix when the feeling arises, it’s easier and simpler than you think to power through that mid-afternoon energy lull.

Most of the time, dehydration is the reason for demotivation, tiredness and a lack of concentration during a work-day. Drinking the correct amount of water needed for you, can have a substantial impact on your productivity and wellbeing, yet many of us still aren’t drinking as much as we should be. Here’s why water is the best and most effective way to beat the afternoon slump.

It allows you to take heed of headaches

One of the most commong work-day woes is the pesky headache. They come and go, as a result of too much screen time, lack of fresh air, added stresses and often, dehydration. By drinking more water, you can reduce the symptoms of headaches, lightheadedness and fatigue that is sure to result in an unproductive afternoon.

It helps to keep your brain balanced

Dehydration forces the heart to work harder and raises blood pressure, making it more difficult for the brain to get the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Drinking more water enhances the cells in your brain’s longevity, activity and overall health. It’s widely known, through various studies, that dehydration affects the speed of mental processing and reaction efficiency. If you’re feeling foggy, studies show that drinking water decreases confusion, while increasing your attention span and alertness.

It combats cramps, aches and pains

We can sometimes come out of a long day at the office with a crick in our neck or a feeling of ache and pain in our back. It’s easy to put it down the sitting at a desk all day, or perhaps the pressure and strain of the day, but often it’s just dehydration. By losing water, our bodies also lose the salt and minerals that help our muscles and joints. By drinking more water regularly, it can help you combat aches and pains and feel better at any time of the day.

It can stop you reaching for those sugary snacks

When we feel like we’re heading for an afternoon slump, the easy thing to do could be to reach for a chocolate boost or sugary snack. When we’re not getting enough fluids, our bodies often mistake thirst signals for hunger and it can be difficult to always make a positive nutrition choice when we’re feeling fatigued. Water provides the perfect opportunity to stretch the legs, head out to the kitchen or water cooler and avoid the type of snacks that’ll just cause a sugar crash later in the day.

It minds your mood

Fatigue, dehydration and general sluggish-ness can sometimes leave you feeling in a bad mood. According to studies, there is a strong link between water consumption and mood, quite simply, the more you drink, the better you feel. In many studies, feelings of depression and tension were shown to have reduced in those who increased their water intake, proving once again that hydration may be the motivation boost you need when you hit that afternoon slump.

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