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When sharing an office space with others, you tend to notice some of the things fellow co-workers do daily.

You may not notice them right away, but once you do, they become noticeable in your everyday awareness. All co-working spaces cultivate their own unique culture, but some co-workers can be more “enthuasiastic” than others. Noting co-working etiquette, everyone can get along with others, communicating and working together to maximise the time spent a co-working space.

Here are a few tips to help make sure you don’t become thatperson.


Make excessive noise 

Whether you’re ploughing ahead with a project by yourself, or brainstorming with a team, it’s important to be aware of your noise levels.

Don’t take phone calls in areas that aren’t for phone calls. Don’t clang your equipment when you’re setting up. Play videos/presentations at a reasonable volume and don’t lift people out of it by blaring music from your headphones.

Overstay your welcome 

It’s quite frustrating when you book a meeting room, arrive at the room and then find that the previous occupants haven’t left on time.

Rather than considering who has the room next, they use every last second of their own reservation.
This can cause a chain reaction, and tensions to build, and not just between customers.

Many co-working spaces double as event spaces, which means that the friendly staff that you seen that morning probably have to stay late to clean up and prepare for the second act. Staff should never feel like they have to kick you out.

Forget your table manners 

The kitchen is a special place in a co-working space. It is important to treat it as such. Don’t mess it up!

Also, a lot of co-working spaces offer free coffee, tea, water and snacks. But, unless you’re told otherwise, keep your hands off the goodies unless you brought them yourself  – eating someone else’s lunch won’t exactly go down well.


Be Friendly 

What have you got to lose from being friendly? Absolutely nothing. What can be gained? Lots and lots. Making good connections is essential in business. Co-working communities are excellent sources of information, knowledge, leads, and skills, and as you get to know your neighbours, you’ll find ways to help each other out.

Keep it clean 

We’re not just talking about your language, respect the office space too. Leave shared spaces how you’d like to find them. This will save staff and future users time. Keep your desk space neat and tidy, no one likes a messy office after all.

Help Yourself 

Co working encourages you to speak to people but not to distract them, especially with small issues. So whenever it’s possible, to avoid distracting the hardworking people around you, figure things out on your own. What’s the Wi-Fi password? Look around – It’s definitely posted on a board somewhere.

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