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No longer just for the small start-ups or freelancers. coworking goes corporate. We’ve seen a big shift in the way corporate companies and firms are approaching the workplace. Big corporations and multinationals are now witnessing the benefits of coworking and are looking to get in on the action. So why the change? We chatted with Glandore members, both coworkers and large companies, on why they think there has been a corporate shift towards coworking.

Nurturing Innovation

Many corporate entities look at coworking as having the potential to nurture innovation by way of working closely with freelance experts in their field.  These companies are creating ‘satellite bases’ in coworking spaces in order to form mutually beneficial relationships with start-ups that could have the potential for quick growth and becoming a future client.

Desk Destinations

Fancy being paid to work in places like Hawaii, South America or even the south of France? Well, the idea of coworking as a sabbatical is an actual thing. Imagine working with like-minded professionals from the same field, all while being paid and in a beautiful, new location?  Destination coworking has become a new trend which allows professionals to experience different cultures, network with people from all over the globe while not sacrificing productivity.

Social Settings

Studies suggest that the younger generation would prefer to be more visible in a small company rather than being another face in the corporate crowd. Corporate satellite bases in coworking spaces result in social interactions that are intrinsically rewarding. This ultimately results in the increase of one’s overall wellbeing and team building skills.

Flexibility & Environment

Moving away from big centre HQs and opting for slightly more remote working can cut into commute times which could increase productivity. Additionally, by moving away from a corporate structure for a few hours or a few days could offer a fresh new perspective on the task in front of you. A change of scenery and environment is beneficial to anyone, every now-and-again. Realistically, if big firms and companies do take a hotdesk or a coworking membership, it could also cut down on large real estate expenditure in the long run.

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