Five Minute Focus On: Nicholas Dutton, Virtus Partners

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Tell us about yourself

I’m 27, from Austin, Texas and just moved to Dublin in October. Plan is to be here for at least a year or two but I’m hoping to stay as long as possible. Before moving here, I had never been out of the states, but I love it so far!

Tell us about Virtus Partners

Virtus Partners provides solutions for asset managers, banks, hedge funds, and investors to better manage a wide variety of alternative investment strategies. We work with a range of clientele, from fixed-income managers to hedge fund software providers, with flexible services tailored to fit clients’ specific requirements.

What’s your role in Virtus Partners?

As an analyst in our Client Services department, my job consists mainly of managing complex CDO transactions in the fixed income market and working directly with portfolio managers, investors, and trustees to ensure compliance with investment criteria. Since moving to Dublin, though, my focus has been more on training new employees.

Tell us something about Virtus Partners we might not know

The name, Virtus, comes from ancient Rome and embodies concepts of excellence, character, and courage. Virtus was started in 2005 by its four partners who all remain actively engaged with the business on a daily basis. Stepping out on their own, they started a new firm to fulfill their vision of an independent company that combined cutting edge technology and exceptional customer service in the structured credit industry. Today, Virtus operates in Houston, Austin, New York, London, Nanjing, and our newest location..DUBLIN!!

What’s next for Virtus Partners?

In short, global domination. Small steps though…Towards continued success in the fintech space, we recently acquired a London based technology firm called Alphakinetic, who developed cutting edge fund management software (Glide) with trade order management, credit analysis, and risk management capabilities used by front office personnel at investment management companies. We’re currently expanding into the hedge fund services market and should have a Luxembourg office opening soon. Virtus is still relatively young, but we’re always looking to enhance our technology so we can continue to lead the fintech industry into the future!

What do you think is the future of work?

I think the future of work, is in technological advancement. Automation and artificial intelligence are rapidly reducing the need for humans to perform some of the more manual tasks in any industry. To me, that suggests our future will be in designing and programming computers to do many of those jobs.

What do you like about being a Glandore member?

More than anything, I like the people. The members are great and the staff are some of the nicest you’ll meet.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Dublin?

One of my favorite things about living here is the ease of which you can get anywhere. Where I’m from, you have to drive if you want to go anywhere. We have public transportation but it’s not nearly as efficient as it is here. In Dublin, though, you can literally walk anywhere in the city or take a quick bus or train to enjoy some outdoor scenery.

Finally, Friday nights in or Friday nights out?

That’s a tough one, but it really depends on the Friday. I love going out and hanging with friends, but I’m just as happy sitting on the couch watching a movie or playing video games.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Virtus has been delivering value to the alternative investment industry since 2005, and have grown to become a global leader in their industry. With offices in Houston, Austin, New York, London and Nanjing, they expanded to Dublin in 2016.

You can visit for more information or check Virtus Partners out on social; Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook

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