How to create a modern workplace that works

Health & Wellbeing

We now operate in a multi-generational workforce. Today’s professionals need a modern workplace to function in so they can explore their skills, and bring out the best of their abilities to the forefront.

A modern workplace inspires a continuous learning culture, and motivates and supports people to blend into their new roles while empowering them with all the tools that can help them build competency in their work. Businesses today have to incorporate the changes in their environment according to the demands of the present age. The modern workplace puts the employees first, and considers their expectations and aspirations about their job. A modern office space also utilizes technology to build greater employee engagement, improve workplace efficiency and enhance organisational agility.

Ideation and creation

A study carried out by Bersin shows that introducing a modern workplace theme in the office can lead to 52% greater employee productivity and a 92% increase in the development of innovative products. The modern workplace focuses on end-use experience while allowing employees to think with complete autonomy so they can bring up new ideas and make important decisions with complete confidence. The modern workplace is all about putting people first, and creating an ambience that makes them feel comfortable at work. The transition can start from small changes like bringing in new ergonomic furniture, introducing focus suites or breakout spaces or simply adding some new plants and greenery to the corridors.

An environment of openness and inclusion

The more accepted team members and staff feel within a modern workforce, the more motivated they will be at their jobs. The traditional business mindset was focused on calls, inboxes and emails. People were limited in their roles and often couldn’t voice their opinions. The modern workplace is about breaking those shackles, and creating an open-door policy. Many companies have transitioned to more engaging forms of communication like Yammer or Slack, so employees can feel more connected. This mode of communication is not only more efficient, but it can help people share ideas and knowledge in real time. The decision time is also reduced as people can quickly jump on a group call or chat rather than exchange emails and wait for replies.

Collaboration is key

The modern workplace aims at changing not only communication but our entire collaborative space. Rather than using traditional email system for exchanging documents, employees can use interactive tools like SharePoint to upload documents, provide administrative access and receive updates on documents in real-time. The ease of collaboration is what makes the modern workplace so fantastic. It takes the stress off the employees, and automates daily tasks for them. More and more companies are investing in collaborative tools because they see the advantages, and how they help in improving the workplace productivity.

More and more business around the world are also embracing collaboration in the physical workspace that they offer employess. Collaboration and diversity can lead to great innovative ideas, wichic is why working in isolation often isn’t the best option for the modern workforce. Coworking spaces provide a modern solution to this, which multiple businesses can rent and share desk space and office resources, while also collaborating and networking within a knowledgeable community.

As workplace trends change, companies need to adapt as well. The future of work is going to be place where employees can feel comfortable in, and know that they have a say in important company changes. Making employees part of the transition process and receiving continuous feedback from them is vital in building a sustainable modern workplace.

At Glandore, we embrace the modern workplace. We have a range of flexible workspace and coworking options here in Dublin and in BelfastFind out more about the Glandore Members Network and contact us to see if we have a flexible workspace that works for you.

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