Kill them with creativity – Your 10 step guide

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Creativity is often thought of as something you either have, or simply you don’t.

This is completely untrue, we all hold a creative flare but it’s up to us to unlock and inject creativity into our work each and everyday.

Follow our 10 steps and you’ll have those creative juices flowing in no time.


1. Keep a Journal

Ever had a great idea and thought ‘I’ll remember this’. We all know that this won’t be the case, you’ll forget and spend hours lamenting over a great idea which you were sure was going to change your work and maybe even your life for the better. Whether you are on the commute to work or get that brilliant idea before bed, keep a journal nearby, in your bag or on the bedside locker. Jot down those thoughts down as soon as they occur.

2. Get out and about

Stretching your legs and fresh air can work wonders. Get the blood flowing through your body and fresh air to your brain. We sit a lot – on our computers, binge watching programmes or scrolling through our phones. Stop sitting and start doing.

3. Sleep

It’s important that you ensure you are getting enough sleep. Adequate sleep will result in more productivity. You won’t think straight if your brain has not had enough rest.

4. Create the right environment

If you’re in a busy office environment with people constantly asking you a quick question or with a phone constantly ringing you’re not going to be focusing at the task at hand. Get yourself to a comfortable and work focused environment.

At Glandore we strive to create environments that encourage and inspire. There’s always a quiet space available!

5. Do more of what makes you feel good

Whether it’s reading, cooking or listening to music, make sure you make time in your busy schedule for the activities that make you feel good. A happy and healthy mind is a key to creative work.

6. Brainstorm

Have an idea dump. Take note of anything and everything that crosses your mind. There’s no such thing as a stupid idea, some will just require more work than others.

7. Find your best time

Figure out when in the day you are at your best. Are you a morning or night person? Track the time when you do your best work and stick to it. There’s no point getting up at 7am to sit at a blank page if you need a couple cups of coffee to get going. Get to know when your brain is at its best and most productive.

8. Forget perfection

Perfection is a killer of creativity. Unsure thoughts like ‘am I doing it right’ or ‘will it be good enough’ will stop you dead in your tracks! Banish them from your mind when you’ve hit your creative stride.

9. Have fun

Although you may be working, don’t forget to have fun.  Creativity isn’t linear. Enjoy your work and creativity will become second nature.

10. Practice!

Practice makes perfect, remember to practice your creativity often. When you find your set path to creative thinking make it a regular occurrence by setting time aside in your diary. This will ensure you keep the creative streams flowing.

If you would like to learn more about how our project space or coworking desks in Dublin & Belfast will help kick-start your creative streak, get in touch with us here.

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