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Promoting wellness throughout your entire corporate structure is vital for maintaining a positive morale among your employees, in turn boosting both creativity and productivity.

What you offer your team is completely up to you. Some go for quick mindfulness classes, others opt for fully fledged yoga workshops on the terrace. Regardless of your choice, your input will noticeably improve the output of your staff and they will also appreciate your consideration as an employer.

If you’re only beginning your wellness journey, you might find yourself just a little bit lost on where to start. Which models should you adopt? What exactly do your employees need? Is there a general programme that would blanket all requirements? We’ve put together a list of some of our Glandore Alumni companies who are leading the charge when it comes to workplace wellness.



The guys over at Rapid7, one of the world’s leading data security agency’s, take their employee wellbeing very seriously.

So much so, that they have even channelled their employees needs into a dedicated public document known as the ‘Moose Manifesto’. This manifesto highlights the four main attributes which they believe that all their employees or ‘Moose’ displayed upon hiring. These include Attitude, Aptitude, Culture Fit and Skills.

Rapid7 believe that if all of their employees share a specific belief system, that the whole organisations should be able to tap into that alignment and use those shared beliefs and differences to grow as a company.



As a modern business, it’s not surprising to see the different ways in which Nitro tries to cultivate a healthy workplace culture. It’s clear that employee wellness is placed at the forefront of their responsibilities as employers with staff entitled to all sorts of welcoming benefits.

Those who volunteer outside of work can avail of paid volunteer leave, subsidies are offered for different types of fitness programmes and the company even hosts their annual Body and Mind (BAM) Festival to help promote health and wellbeing throughout the company.



EY are front runners in the realm of workplace wellbeing. They completely understand the intricate balance between life and work and encourage their employees to get involved in their programmes.

Their workplace wellness schemes highlight more than just the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing. It is holistic in its approach, noting a multitude of factors which can affect one’s performance at work.

Employee retention is a main priority for the company. Prioritizing employee wellbeing helps build a culture of trust between employer and employee and this can lead to higher rates of retention over those who do not practise this.



Eaton, the power management company, takes a different approach to the wellbeing process.

They offer all of their new employees a range of healthcare benefits upon arrival into the company and encourage new starters to actively ask questions about these benefits. A brochure is handed out to each employees highlighting medical options, contacts to access those benefits even a choice tool which helps employees get the most out of their newly acquired benefits.

Creating a culture where anyone can ask questions freely is also a fantastic way to boost morale within your company.

At Glandore, we are passionate about helping our members to develop their ideal workplace culture. We believe that every business needs the right environment to achieve their full potential. We do this through a number different approaches including the promotion of our workplace wellness programme. If you would like to learn more about Glandore and our flexible workspace get in touch here.

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