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The future of the workplace has been the subject of much critical debate. Fears of automation in certain jobs can send shivers down the spines of many in the working world. However, the prospect of improvements in technology can also excite new workers as companies are now heeding the feedback from their employees’ needs and wants.

The majority of modern workplace trends tend to reflect the shift in contemporary office culture that we are seeing today. The idea of offering more flexible working conditions and further upskilling opportunities to employees is catching on more and more with employers. Many are beginning to see the benefits which come from these changes. But for employers, it can be a challenge to keep up to date with the latest workplace trends and understanding why they’re so popular or beneficial.

Here at Glandore, we have put together a quick guide on some of the more popular modern trends which you can implement within your work environment that will both help attract new employees and even retain your best and brightest.


Working remotely

A lot of companies are now allowing their employees to work off-site, either from home or from coworking spaces and hot desks, rather than working within their main offices.

This is huge in terms of traditional workplace structure and culture alike. It has become a major selling point for bigger companies who are trying to hire new graduates. But what are the shown benefits of this practice?

Well, according to one study it has been argued that those who work offsite tend to be more productive than their cubicle-bound counterparts. Also, by working away from a homogenous environment, you can find your ideal working conditions. This could be at your nearest coworking office space, and this has shown to help reduce stress levels compared to working onsite.

More upskilling opportunities

One of the biggest issues HR executives tend to have is finding the next wave of talented workers.

However, there is sometimes a better solution to bridging the talent gap rather than just hiring new individuals. Consider your current workforce. Why not train certain members of your team to tackle the issues your company is currently facing? If you can see somebody helping their colleagues because they have “a fair idea of how to do it”, what’s the harm in sending them on a refresher course on the topic.

Arming your employees with more skills can only be a positive. They can contribute more to your business and in their eyes, it shows that you think highly of them as individuals and support their learning and development, boosting overall morale. It’s all about focusing on the talent you already have, not trying to hunt down more.

Technological improvements

This is probably the most notable trend for most businesses and one that will be sticking around for quite some time.

Technology is taking constant leaps and the end products can be seen throughout companies all over the world. Some processes which would have taken up quite some time in the past are now almost fully automated. Even our equipment is ever changing. However, as worrying as this can be at times, there are always more benefits that outweigh any negatives when it comes to tech.

Better technology leads to improved communication. New tools will open up more opportunities to improve workflows. Companies who have an aversion to technological change should embrace these improvements, not fear them. Only then can you fully benefit from them.


Here at Glandore, we keep on top of trends in the workplace and help all the companies we house to do the same. We offer flexible workspace for 1 – 350 people in Dublin and Belfast. Our memberships allow you to grow, scale and expand your business depending on your needs. Find out more and ask us about becoming a Glandore Member here.

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