National Receptionist Day

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Today is #NationalReceptionistDay | A day to promote pride and professionalism amongst receptionists for the important role they place within an organisation. 

Reception is a crucial role in any company, and something to place importance on in your hiring process. The front desk doesn’t just deal with the busy day to day operations of the business- answering the phones, processing incoming mail, greeting guests and dealing with customer queries. They create a formative first impression for incoming clients, setting the tone for the business and what customers can expect in the future. We, at Glandore, are very lucky to have a great receptionist team, whom not only manage our busy operations, but make sure that all Glandore members and incoming clients are kept happy. Today, we honour #NationalReceptionistDay with a shout-out to these amazing ladies. Thank you for everything you do!

Here are 3 reception tips from our all-star team:

Know Names: If possible, try and get to know people on a first name basis. It makes things more relaxed and it’s lovely to be able to greet everyone individually when they come into work.

Stay Organised: Keep the desk tidy, the Nespresso pods in stock and write down all important dates (planned maintenance, fire drills etc.) in a calendar, and you’ll be saving yourself some heartache later on. When the desk is quiet, take advantage of the extra time and ensure you’re up to date with everything.

Appreciate Your Team: Remember you’re one of many who keep the building in ship-shape; I would be completely lost without Tina from Eco Group, or any member of the Glandore team for that matter! Don’t take them for granted – please and thank yous are a must, and a bit of gratitude can go a long way.

Reception is one of the important services we offer our Glandore members, along with many other office amenities. To see all the services we offer in Dublin & Belfast, click here. Or, share your personal reception tips with us @GlandoreNetwork. 

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