Ireland’s entrepreneurs share their New Year’s resolutions


It’s been reported that by now, many people have given up on their new year’s resolutions, but that’s probably because they haven’t set the right goals. In this post we focus on new year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect, re-evaluate and set resolutions. It’s important to look at where you’re going, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Deciding on what you and your business should focus on can be tough, so we’re here to help. We’ve asked some of Ireland’s most innovative entrepreneurs what their goals are for 2017 and what they’d like to achieve.

Michael TorransThe Potting Shed

“My resolutions this year revolve around conversations. I love getting out of my own bubble and calling into organisations, businesses, and people that interest me, for a chat. Or getting a coffee with someone you meet at one of the multitude of great talks and events around Dublin.

I always walk away with some valuable insights or perspectives that are brand new to me, but applicable to what I do. So my aim for 2017 is to keep chatting with the huge talent in this city.

My other resolution is to do my small part to keep the conversation going about the important role design must play in the economic future of an Ireland facing some uncertain external pressures. Design is now at the board table, the companies and government departments that embrace that are the ones that will thrive.”

The Potting Shed Dublin is a community of local creative minds, volunteering their time, thoughts, and energy to provide the companies/charities/individuals of Dublin with an opportunity to develop new ideas, plant the seeds for future ones, attack problems from new angles, and visualise everything with fresh eyes.

Theresa QuickFillit

“It’s not ‘New Year, New Us’ for Fillit, we plan to continue the course of 2016. We’ll be the same Fillit, but with some big upgrades to the overall usability of the site to make it easier to list & manage as well as search & book amazing temporary spaces across the country.

Our aim is to change how people view rentable space. We want to get people talking! Our new year’s resolution is to spark imagination and inspire people to host creative events such as:

  • Host a wine & donut soiree
  • Launch a kitten-mitten pop-up
  • Hold a Euro Vision sing-along
  • Schedule a brainstorming session in a jail-cell”

Our 2017 resolution, and promise, is to continue using customer feedback to build the best user experience and create the best solutions for Landlords and Tenants.”

Fillit is an online platform that instantly connects people with underused or empty spaces those looking for temporary spaces for events, pop-ups, promotions and everything in-between.

Sean GallagherClyde Real Estate

“My New Years’ Resolution is simple; to remain focussed and positive on my goals for 2017. I want to stay positive despite the uncertainty and negativity that 2016 brought, like Brexit. I only want to put time and energy into the things I can be in control of, rather than the things that I have no control over.”

Clyde Real Estate is a progressive and business led real estate firm providing existing properties in strategic locations.

Maximilian ThielEntrepreneurs Anonymous

“For 2017, I am planning to MC more events and to speak publicly more, because I love doing it! I would also like to organise my first event in Germany, in German.

Here are two tips to help you keep your resolutions in 2017:

1. Set a goal, that may be big, that you can make progress towards every day. Every evening I write down what I did to get closer to my goal, helps me stay on track!

2. If you find it hard to be consistent, set aside 30 minutes or so per day in your schedule to specifically work on your goal.

What’s in store for EntAnon:

As a community of founders and entrepreneurs aiming to connect, learn and inspire, we are always improving the quality of our events through valuable speakers, great experiences and beautiful venues and to help our members make beneficial connections.

Starting this month our newest group in Douglas, Isle of Man is hosting their first event and we hope to grow our community to 15,000 members in 13+ cities this year!”

Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a community of like-minded people where founders, both new and experienced, can connect, learn and get inspired

Al DunneUnique Media, the communications agency

“I’m extremely optimistic for 2017. Last year was a very good year for us and we are on track to continue this success into 2017.

In addition to building our extensive PR and Media Training business, as well as our broadcast studio work, we will also be engaging in more Public Affairs activity. Former MEP and TD Gay Mitchell joined us recently as our European Political and Public Affairs Adviser and, naturally, we’ve had a lot of discussions about Brexit and it’s possible impact on the country and, in particular, on our sector. His view is that this is a huge opportunity for the country – as long as we work on harnessing the potential benefits and don’t just sit back and expect them to roll in automatically.

Gay’s enthusiasm has been like a breath of fresh air in Unique Media and the entire team is totally geared up to embrace 2017 with gusto!”

Unique Media is a media consultancy firm which provides Public Relations, Political and Public Affairs, Social Media Management, Media Training, Advertising, Creative, Production and Broadcast Consultancy Services.

Lisa HughesArena Coaching

“Like most entrepreneurs, my New Years’ Resolution is to simply increase the already intense focus I have on growing my business. When making a New Year’s resolution for me it’s important to start with the ‘Why’.  Why do I do what I do? As an executive coach and facilitator I want to do great work and as I work with both individuals and teams, great work means inspiring and enabling others to do great work together.

So to keep my focus sharp, and deliver on my ‘Why’, I use New Year to check in and make sure I am doing the right things.  The process is pretty simple – it’s just 2 two steps:

1.  Reflect on the last year, particularly looking at the numbers and ask myself these questions:
What was great work?  What paid well and what did I really enjoy doing?
What didn’t work so well and what did I learn from that?
How can I improve, get better?  What skills, relationships and resources would make a difference?
What support systems work to keep me productive and delivering at my best?  What else might I need?  Where do I need to invest in myself and the business?

2.  Create clear intentions rather than goals
As ambitious and enthusiastic as I am, we are conditioned to be realistic, to not get too big for our boots.   So when we set goals and objectives we have a tendency to limit our thinking.  To be realistic.  To stretch but maybe not too much.  So I like to look at what I would not just like to do more of but be really great at.  From there I can create a system that will help me to do every day to acquire and hone the skills to do great work.

From these 2 exercises I create a revenue target, a monthly calendar, a weekly plan and a daily habits question list.   Structure is important, you need something to aim at, but it is the system you use, the practice every day, the discipline of habit that wins in the end.”

Lisa is an executive coach and facilitator who works with individuals and teams to inspire and enable them to do great work.  Her background is in commercial marketing and she specialises in leadership, communication and turning energy into action.

There you have it, from new endeavours and starting conversations to increasing focus and growth. We hope you can learn from these innovative entrepreneurs, and decide on a resolution worth sticking to!

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