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Flexible office spaces have a lot to offer. They provide opportunities to network with people from completely different areas of business. Unlike the distractions of a home office or a public space, co-working offices allow for maximum productivity. Being surrounded by enthusiastic, hard working people can be highly motivating too.

While it can be useful to build connections and keep pace with your coworkers, what’s even more important is what you can learn from them.

One of the many benefits of flexible workspace is the opportunity it presents to collaborate with others and be inspired by them. Keeping that in mind, we asked some of our members and partners to share their top tips for productivity.

From taking time away from checking emails to clearing clutter, the answers that came back were wide-ranging and varied. We hope they inspire you to up your productivity.

Síofra Kelly – Corporate Partnerships Executive at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital Foundation

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital is the first port of call for over 145,000 sick and injured children each year. The foundation’s aim is to help sick children by making their stay in hospital less distressing by funding the purchase of medical equipment, redeveloping old wards, funding research and providing patient and family support services.

“My to-do list is what I rely on to keep me organised. I write everything down, even the smallest of jobs. Every morning I review it and try to decide what my must-do tasks are for the day – as well as what the “would be nice to get done” tasks are.

“For bigger jobs, or ongoing work, I try to schedule time in my diary to ensure I stick to my timelines. In an ideal world, I would say I stay away from my email when working on other stuff so that I can stay focused. But of course in reality that never happens!”

Since 2000, the Temple Street Foundation has raised over €50 million to support the hospital. Glandore will partner with the foundation in July for the Techies4TempleStreet event.

Martina Kane – Corporate Account Manager at Vhi Healthcare

Vhi Healthcare is Ireland’s largest health insurance company.

Martina says there are seven key things that boost her productivity:

  • Clearing clutter
  • Setting deadlines
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Scheduling 20 focus slots
  • Turning her phone on airplane mode
  • Taking a brief break after each task
  • Focusing on key tasks

Gareth Naughton – Head Chef at Suesey Street

Suesey Street on Fitzwilliam Place offers an informal approach to drinking and dining in a unique setting. The three main areas – bar, restaurant and terrace – are designed to create a welcoming space full of atmosphere and supreme comfort.

Head chef, Gareth, relies on a good cup of coffee to up his productivity levels, but he says that in the kitchen the key to high-levels of productivity is good teamwork.

“To run a smooth kitchen, a tight-knit team is key. You’re working closely with these guys for up to 14 hours a day so it’s important to show support for one another… Working with food, I’m always looking to create something new and exciting for our customers. I like to push myself and set new challenges.”

Ian Cumbers – Co-founder at Graysen Rose

Founded by a husband and wife team, Graysen Rose has great aspirations of being the go-to digital agency for underdogs. Managing an organisation’s social media is no easy task, but Graysen Rose’s digital and design teams come together to manage it all.

“It may only be a small thing, but at the end of every work day I check in with myself, and my team. How did the day go? Who accomplished what? And what is my main objective for tomorrow? This daily debrief not only refocuses my attention on what’s important, but also allows me to fully switch off at the end of the day.

Sean Judge – Director at UpStarter

UpStarter brings startups, technology companies and job seekers together.

“I try to focus on setting short actionable goals daily with overarching long-term goals that I review on a weekly or monthly basis. A clean inbox also helps!”

Christine Carty – HR Business Partner at TATA Consultancy Services

TATA Consultancy Services is a global leader in IT services, digital and business solutions.

“Productivity to me is all about planning. The better planned you are the easier it is to remain focused, efficient and manage your timelines.”

At Glandore, we are perfectly equipped to give you the best co-working experience possible. We have everything from private meeting rooms and high speed wifi to private phone booths and clubrooms. We aim to create an environment that maximises clients’ productivity while allowing for community collaboration.

See everything Glandore has to offer here, or share your personal productivity tips with @GlandoreNetwork.

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