The continued rise of the coworking space

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In 2011 there was an average of 1,100 coworking spaces around the world. Today that average stands at nearly 14,000.

By the year 2020 the number of people working in coworking spaces is said to reach 4 million.

Over the past number of years coworking has grown in strength and popularity. Here at Glandore we have witnessed this growth first hand and are proud to play our part.

What is coworking?

Coworking cannot be described in one simple term. It covers a wide range of office space solutions available to businesses at various stages of their business journey.

Businesses who are just starting out or large companies who wish to take advantage of the flexible working trends are all benefitting from the growth of the coworking office space sector.

It is not just a desk and chair on offer either. Coworking spaces, including those here at Glandore, offer an array of additional services including internet connections, phone and postal services, security systems, car parking, dry cleaning, event space and clubrooms.

Coworking takes various forms. A day pass, a virtual office, hot-desking, a dedicated desk, a shared office or private offices are some of the options available to those who decide to go coworking.

Glandore offer all of these coworking options, allowing your business the space to grow at your own pace. All of these options are part of our fully serviced office spaces.

Why is it so popular?

Coworking allows you the flexibility to take full advantage of a wider range of resources without compromising on your business.

If your team is outgrowing your office it can be costly to uproot and move to a new location. A lot of time, effort and money can go in to relocating your business; factors such as research, hiring movers and redecorating all have to be taken into consideration. With coworking this is not an issue. If you’re looking to expand or scale back you can simply move to a different office in the same building. Simple.

Day-to-day costs are also minimised when you become part of the coworking community. You no longer need to worry about paying a cleaner, sending out post or replacing the printer—the money which would have been spent on these costs can now be put back into your business.

Location is also a driving factor in the increased popularity of coworking.

Coworking allows you to situate your business in an area that works for you. Being closer to your clients or even allowing your employees to have a shorter commute are all available when choosing your location.

Flexible workspace providers often have spaces in various locations around the city, meaning wherever you want to be based you’re guaranteed a coworking space is nearby.

What are the advantages of coworking?

Research shows that people in coworking spaces are a hive of productivity. High energy and a results-driven mindset are two of the main factors that are generated by a collaborative environment.

According to the 2017 Global Coworking survey, 71% of those surveyed said they regularly collaborate with other coworking members. Flexible workspaces promote creativity as the shared spaces allow members to bounce ideas off one another. Not everyone in the one coworking space has the same background. An accountant could be sitting beside a tech guru. This creates an environment of learning.

Valuable learnings can be shared while growing the sense of community and ideas for possible collaborations. Coworking provides a sense of community that would be difficult to achieve in a regular office.

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages to coworking. While flexibility to choose where you work is an advantage, flexibility to choose when you work is also key. The days of the routine 9-5 working days are behind us, providing your employees with options is now one of the leading workplace trends.

Strict working hours can be bad for business and employees. Flexible working hours offer better work life balance, more productive staff and better results. One employee may work better from 9-5 at her desk, while another may be more productive early in the mornings at a coworking space. Employees know what works for them.

Here at Glandore our private office and dedicated desk members all 24/7 access to our buildings and can come and go as they please. This might mean early starts to conference call Sydney, or working late into the night ahead of deadline. The option to work when best suits them is there and it keeps employees happier, more productive and improves employee retention.

If you are interested in coworking, looking for your first private office, setting up a new office in one of our DublinCork or Belfast properties or expanding your team and are in need of extra space, we can work with you to find the best solution for your business. If you would like to find out more about us and how we can help your business grow, get in touch here.

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