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Making the decision to join a coworking space can seem like a daunting prospect if you have been used to working for a larger company or for yourself in your home. There are likely to be lots of questions that you have about the logistics, amenities, benefits and challenges of coworking so we decided to look at some of the most commonly asked questions that our sales team get and see if we can build a picture of what it’s like to co-work with Glandore.

Different types of coworking

One of the main things that people ask is what are the differences between the various types of coworking? In order to answer this, we’ve broken coworking down into three main categories, virtual offices, hotdesking and dedicated desks and we’ll go through what makes each one unique.

So, what do you get with a virtual office membership? In short, you’ll get a business address in a location that suits your business, be that at one of our Dublin, Cork or Belfast offices, in addition to options for call and mail forwarding. You’ll also be able to avail of day passes and meeting rooms in our Glandore offices if you’re in town and need a base to work from. Once you are part of the Glandore network you are also eligible for special perks with local businesses we’ve partnered with.

Hot desking is geared towards people who may not need to work a traditional 9-5 day every day and only want or need to be at a desk infrequently. While they don’t need a fully dedicated space it’s still beneficial to have a place they can call their workspace, which is why hot desking is the perfect solution. Our hotdesking members can avail of top of the line facilities from high speed wi-fi connections to centrally located office spaces, as well as preferential rates on meeting rooms and access to our Glandore members network and its associated perks.

If you are someone who wants or needs to work in a more traditional way, such as working a 9-5 office hours workday, our dedicated desk membership is more suited to your needs. There are lots of reasons that you may not want to take on the hassle of looking for an office space of your own, from financial reasons to it being a question of the amount of physical space you need to work in. Having a dedicated desk means that you’ll have the security of knowing you will always have the same spot to work from so you can get truly settled in and not have to set up from scratch every morning. You’ll also have some dedicated lockable storage space so you can rest assured that everything will be found as you left it each day.

Additional amenities at Glandore

As well as the core benefits of each of the three membership types we aim to make your working life as pleasant and productive as you’d like it to be. Our operations team are here to help you with any day to day issues you may have, from something as simple as signing for deliveries to booking meeting rooms for you and managing any day pass requirements you may have.

One feature that came about from listening to our members is the desire for an ability to choose to work from any of our coworking locations in either Dublin, Cork or Belfast. As our coworking spaces have expanded this is something that we happy to build into our coworking packages so if you’re based in Dublin but need to travel to Belfast we can accommodate you with a day pass, and vice versa if you’re based in Belfast or Cork but need an occasional day in Dublin.

What other benefits can you avail of?

Aside from managing the day to day aspects of running a coworking space we pride ourselves on being aware of the little extras that make a workspace more comfortable to be in. With that in mind we provide onsite showers and secure bike racks so you can fit a healthy lifestyle around your workday. As we’ve grown our coworking offices we’ve worked with architects and interior designers to make sure that we maximise everything from natural light to making sure that power points are plentiful and in optimum positions, and that our wi-fi networks can easily manage the requirements of multiple co-workers.

Our coworking spaces all come with custom designed breakout spaces so you have space to work in a way that suits you. We know that not everybody likes to work in an open plan space so we’ve also created areas for people who like a quieter environment, from cosy nooks to soundproof phonebooths. We’re commited to maintaining high standards across all of our buildings and throughout our services, from the warm welcome you’ll receive on your first show around to the daily interactions you’ll have with our staff and we’re always open to feedback from our members on ways that we can continue to improve.

What does Glandore offer that sets us apart?

We’ve been in business since 2001 meaning we have 17 years’ experience of looking after our members and their needs. We’ve solved all sorts of challenges over the years so you can rest assured that there’s very little we haven’t seen and been able to work out.

One of the most commonly recurring challenges is people needing more space than they originally anticipated; as their companies become more successful and take on more staff we’ve always been able to work with members to accommodate any new hires they make. We’ve had companies start off in our coworking spaces who’ve gone on to take on their own private office as they grow.  This level of flexibility is something we’ve worked hard to build into Glandore, from offering different coworking packages to offering the ability to grow into spaces that suit your needs, to working with you to find the optimum length of time you’ll need a space with us.

We take great pleasure in building our community and growing our thriving Glandore Members network, from hosting internal informal meetups to lunch and learn sessions with external providers to continuously expanding our our wellness programme and adding members perks with local businesses. Over the years we’ve also built up strong relationships with local chambers of commerce such as the American Chamber of Commerce as well as IDA Ireland which allow us help our members build meaningful connections in the Dublin, Cork and Belfast business worlds.

Glandore is a family business so when you take a membership with us we want you to feel like you are part of our family and of our community. If you would like to know about any of our coworking memberships you can find more information here. If you’d like to arrange a viewing we’d be happy to hear from you here.

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