Top tips for penny-pinching: Make your money work as hard as you do

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Whether you’re a strict nine-to-fiver, a freelancer bouncing between clients, or working from your own space at home, you probably work hard all week – so it’s only right that you treat yourself at the end of it to a bit of shopping or a night out with friends. But what happens when you need your money to work a bit harder for you? Rather than saying no to the little treats and indulgences that make working worth it, take a few tips from us and build a budget accordingly. Before you know it, you’ll have a nice tidy sum stashed away and you’ll only have to make a couple of little sacrifices.

Bring your own lunch

This is probably the most over-used piece of savings advice, but only because it works! Buying a lunch out every day can set you back between €25 – €50 a week, which over the course of a working year is roughly €1,200 – €2,400. If you change this into sterling, our Belfast members aren’t much better off. Are those pre-packed sambos worth that much to you a year? The solution is simple; a bit of preparation at the beginning of your week can lead to some more cost effective and probably healthier lunches.

Unsubscribe from online shopping email lists

If you don’t know it exists, you can never regret not buying it. A constant influx of special deals, free delivery and discount codes can leave you more than a little tempted to fill that virtual basket. The best part is, it feels like you’re spending nothing at all. That is, of course, until you get a chance to check the aul bank balance… Out of sight, out of mind – hit unsubscribe on all those mailing lists and you’ll be less likely to pick up bits you definitely don’t need.

Be a thoughtful gift-giver

Last minute shoppers may tend to spend more, as they have less time to deliberate and need that special birthday/engagement/anniversary present pronto. Do yourself a favour and plan ahead; keep a diary of important dates so you can plan in advance and factor it into your budget. Rather than guiltily forking out for a completely outrageous but less than thoughtful gift, take the time to research something you know they would like. Better still, with this extra time why not plan an outing in lieu of a present? Suesey Street does an excellent Early Bird if you feel like spoiling that special someone!

Fresh air is free

If you’re a total gym bunny and you use your monthly membership routinely, then we salute you. If you’re not and you’re simply holding out for a moment when you have time for the gym, ask yourself, what am I paying for? If you want to exercise and you don’t like the gym, then just quit! There’s a lot to be said for getting out and running, walking or cycling, whether that’s around some of the beautiful parks, canals or seafronts that Dublin has to offer, or take in amenities around Belfast like the Causeway Coastal Route or a trip to the Colin Glen Forest Park.

Set regular goals

Even if it’s only a small amount every week or month, set up a system of having regular savings put into an untouchable account so that you aren’t tempted to dip in and splurge on something silly. Saving is a habit, like exercising or eating well, so force yourself if you have to in the beginning; eventually, it will become second nature.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so whether you’re saving for a holiday, wedding or a house, every penny counts and it’ll be worth all the homemade lunches and empty ASOS baskets.

At Glandore, you can take advantage the free perks and wellness initiatives, we offer our members. With features like in-office massages, Nespresso coffee and a wide range of fitness classes, there are lots of opportunities to save you money without leaving the office.


If you are interested in learning about our membership options, click here. We would love to welcome you to our Glandore communities in Dublin & Belfast.

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