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A vibrant, engaging office space encourages productivity and makes for an environment which employees enjoy to be a part of. But what makes a company a great place to work? What can you do as an employer to help maintain a healthy buzz amongst your staff?

Every year, online company review website Glassdoor release their list of best places to work based on anonymous testimonies from employees. Companies like Facebook and Google have featured in the top 10 of this list for the past couple of years now, but what makes their offices so amazing to work in? Here at Glandore, we’ve compiled a list of top trends which tend to be the key ingredient in creating a bright, bubbly work atmosphere.

1.  Offer Some Perks

Employees deserve to be treated every now and then, but some companies go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to keeping their staff happy.

Google’s offices in Dublin encourage employees to take advantage of their on-site massage room, games room and swimming pool during their spare time.

However not all companies will have the same size budget as Google of course, but that doesn’t stop you from giving back a little bit more. Simple additions such as gym access and creche services will make employees feel appreciated and in return this appreciation will be reflected in their mood and output.

2.  Wellness Programmes

Investing in your staff’s well-being is tremendously important. Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of you.

Wellness programmes can help boost productivity amongst employees and often promote a healthy, happy office culture. Yoga classes, healthier canteen options and extended lunch breaks are just a sample of changes which have been proven to improve employee satisfaction level.

Also, adopting a work wellness programme can help attract new employees. According to a study conducted by Aflac, 55% of potential new employees would accept a job with lower pay if they offered better benefits than their previous employer.

3.  Try Coworking!

Are you a freelancer? Or a start-up company? Coworking spaces are a great way to meet like minded people who are passionate about their work, even if their work is completely separate to yours.

Coworking spaces are a haven for creativity. By utilising a coworking space, you open up your mind to new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. Employees can become inspired by those around them and even create amazing networks between those they meet.

Most coworking spaces also offer comfortable surroundings and state-of-the-art amenities. What better way to broaden our surroundinggs along with your ideas!

4.  Fresh Air Leads to Fresh Ideas

Although a number of companies focus on diet and fitness in order to help with employee satisfaction, studies now show that improving the air quality of an office may be just as important.

New research has shown that by improving ventilation in your workspace, employees can perform 61% more efficiently when working on cognitive tasks than with regular air ventilation. Further research also showed that by doubling your air quality efforts, you can even increase cognitive performance by more than 100%.

Introducing green plants is also a fantastic way to brighten up any office space and also lead to increased staff satisfaction as they can contribute to air quality.

5.  There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’

A good team can produce some great work and a positive team spirit creates an energising vibe which is infectious. This is backed by evidence which showed that 97% of interviewed employees and executives believed that a lack of alignment within a team can directly affect the outcome of a project or report.

By encouraging team building exercises and networking opportunities, increased engagement and collaboration will soon follow. Why not organise a team lunch in a shared space, including some silly games are a good way to break the ice and get people chatting. You could go bigger and have a team building activities sych as kayaking, hiking or completing a fun run.

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