World Blood Donor Day 2017

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Wednesday 14th of June is World Blood Donor Day and as part of our CSR activities a group from Glandore’s Dublin office are making their way to the blood donation clinic on D’Olier Street this afternoon.

Donate Regularly

While one in four people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives, only a small percentage of the population make blood donations.  There are many reasons for people to give, and just as many that prevent people from donating. Anything from having had a blood transfusion, to having lived in or visited certain countries, to a fear of needles, can hold back people who’d like be able to donate. That’s why we think it’s important for those who can give to take time to donate.

A unit of blood lasts for just 35 days so it’s important to donate regularly and one of the key points in this year’s campaign is a call to Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often.

Make a difference

We’re more than happy to do our bit and we know how big a difference even one donation can make. We believe that it’s important to help others in society and one of the really lovely things that the blood donation clinics have started to do is to tell you where your blood has been sent so you get a real sense of the difference your donation can make.

Your donation can help

One member of our team had an experience recently where her sister donated and found out afterwards that her donation had been sent to the hospital where their dad had been looked after during a period of ill-health; it was a lovely ‘full circle’ moment where you feel like you are paying back some of the care and attention of the medical staff. You may not know where your donation will end up when you are making it but you can be sure that it will go to help someone in need. Not only will your donation help the individual person, it will also have a ripple effect on the families and friends of the person who receives your donation.

Where to donate

Blood donation clinics are open all across the country and are always looking for people to come and donate. You can check here to find your closest clinic.

To follow our crew as they make their donations, check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for updates.

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