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As it is now June your team may be feeling a mid-year slump. Here are some ideas to energise your employees.

With summer fast approaching many of us will take some time to relax and recharge away from the workplace. Most of us will have time booked off work and the lucky amongst us will have a holiday planned. But it’s important to remember that summer can also be the perfect time to re-energise your workforce inside the work environment.

With the first half of the year complete, during the summer months can be an ideal time to invigorate your team and reorganise yourselves for the second half of the year. At this stage in the year, some team targets will have been met, some will be half way to being complete and some will have yet to be set.

Taking time out in the middle of the year allows you to examine your goals for the year, discuss what progress has been made, and if these goals can and will be accomplished.  It also gives you an opportunity to talk to your employees and see how they have been getting on this year, if they have achieved their targets, and how they are feeling about their work.

Here are some of the ways you can re-energise your team this summer:

1. Introduce a Wellness Programme

Wellness programmes are something a lot of companies are beginning to adopt. Larger companies can often offer their employees a built in gym or an onsite wellness coach while smaller companies may focus on health education and target specific areas. Designing a programme around the needs of your employees and implementing simple steps to reach attainable goals is a good way to begin your company programme. A walk to work scheme or encouraging healthier food options at lunch is an easy way to start.

There is no ‘right way’ to do a wellness programme; they can look completely different in different companies. Ideally, a company wellness programme should be tailored and made relevant to the needs of your employees. By introducing a sufficient programme employee relations and morale are likely to be improved. Productivity is also increased and there are reduced levels of illness and absences amongst employees. This re-energises the whole team and makes for a healthier work environment.

2. Organise a brainstorming session in a new space

A mid-year brainstorming session can be an effective way of re-organising and re-energising your team. Take your employees out of the office to a new space; this can be for an hour, two hours or even a whole day. It is an opportunity to review targets and set new goals. It is also an opportunity to come up with new ideas on how to increase productivity and profits. A different environment can work wonders for producing new ideas, employees feel energised not being in their usual surroundings and ideas can start to flow.

When conducting a brainstorming session organising an open call for ideas and asking employees to have some suggestions ready can help with the process. It’s important that all employees are heard, it should be made clear that their contributions have been listened to and a discussion should take place on how they will make an impact. A brainstorming session away from the office where time is spent refocusing, re-strategising and communicating goals can impact how an employee looks at their work and re-energise them in the workplace.

Glandore offer a range of meeting spaces perfect for an out of office brainstorming session. You can choose from Georgian boardrooms to contemporary penthouse suites. Each are equipped with the latest AV technology and high speed WiFi and can be booked for half an hour, an hour, or even a full day. To enquire about booking a space click here.

3. Take part in some teambuilding activities

Sometimes the importance of teambuilding exercises can be overlooked and employers can fall behind in organising these types of events. But they are a key element in re-energising and refocusing your team. Effective teambuilding builds trust amongst employees and their employer and encourages collaboration and communication. This means more engaged employees and boosts productivity.

The summer months are a perfect time to organise some out-of-office activities to invigorate your workforce.The first trick in holding an effective teambuilding exercise is making it an event your employees will want to attend. Simple things like organising after work drinks or holding a lunch time BBQ can be easy summer events to re-energise your team. Bigger events such as a corporate sports day may take a bit more organisation and planning but will be a worthwhile investment.

At Glandore, our flexible office, work and event spaces are ideal for re-energising your team.

We have created a caring work environment that encourages collaboration, innovation and an enjoyable experience.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we can help your business grow, get in touch here.

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