The Best Practices for Promoting a Wellbeing Culture in Your Organisation

Health & Wellbeing

The wellbeing of employees has become an important part of the workplace and plays a key role in the success of our company and culture here at Glandore. Company culture directly impacts employees which is why employers must create a workplace culture that supports and promotes healthier habits and puts employees wellbeing and mental health first.

We have created a programme here at Glandore that aims to have a positive impact on both our employees and clients, helping them to be happier and more productive and we wanted to share some of the ways we promote a wellbeing culture.

Provide helpful resources

Workplaces have an influential role to play when it comes to the wellbeing of their employees. Send your team some helpful tips and resources promoting good mental and physical health. The internet is packed full of online material on healthy eating habits and simple ways to help support your team. Why not add links to the articles in your next company newsletter or share them on the company’s internal intranet.

Provide healthy snacks

Keeping the kitchen stocked with fresh fruit and healthy snacks will encourage healthy eating and help reduces the consumption of fatty, less nutritious foods. Providing fresh, filtered water will also help people stay hydrated and less likely to choose sugary alternatives. This will help keep them focused and appreciated.

Keep your team moving

Encourage your team to get up and get active throughout the day.  Why not schedule your next meeting during a walk to grab a coffee or make it normal for employees to interact at their desks more rather than sending emails. This is sure to promote a more active office and get everyone moving.

Provide a Flexible workplace

A workplace that offers flexibility promotes a healthy lifestyle and help remove stress. If your company can allow to offer flexible working hours or allow employees to work from home when it is more convenient then they should encourage it. This will reduce stress among employees, in particular parents and will encourage a healthy work life balance among all.

Glandore-Belfast-Workplace-Wellbeing,-Flexible-Workspace-(1).jpgEncourage openness and social events

The best way to promote positive wellbeing is to talk about it. Let your team know what is available to them. Organise yoga classes, monthly team breakfasts with healthy choices or plan for a motivational speaker to visit and offer advice. This will help employees to build relationships and get them talking about the importance of wellness in the workplace. It will also help them create healthy habits and show them that you care.

Our company wellness program here at Glandore plays a key role in building a more positive and mindful company culture. If you would like to read more about our company’s wellness program click here or to register for our upcoming wellness event happening at our Belfast offices next month click here.

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