The Great Glandore Time Capsule!

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We are truly living through history and should be proud of this. Now is the time to find some appreciation in life during these difficult times. These are tough times for every generation but we should be so proud of how far we have come and what we have achieved so far. Technology is so innovative and robust that we will have the knowledge to come out the other side, and be stronger as a nation. Let’s make the most of what we have in the present.

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The Glandore team have created some Time Capsule Activity Sheets for kids and adults to start getting busy with! Download your very own Time Capsule Activity sheets below:

Time Capsule Activity Sheets: (Kids) (Adults)

Make a note of your aspirations, dreams, and how things are mapped out right now in your lives. The kids will enjoy this one, as they can sketch out what their house looks like, what pets they may have, and what they miss from every day life. It will surely keep them busy for a few hours!


Get creative yourself too! There is an activity sheet for both young and old! Feel free to develop it whatever way you like. Add in some more pictures of friends or family and look back at them in years to come and laugh at hairstyles or moustaches!


Why not create your own box for your bits and pieces, or insert your notes into a glass bottle and bury it somewhere and mark the location. Then set a calendar reminder to go off in 10 years or however long you like, and go through it with family members or friends and see how much has changed over the years!


You can get extra creative and personalise some boxes for friends or family. Make a box for each member of your family and put their names on them. There’s some great tips online on how to create boxes from cardboard here! 


Put in some objects as well as pictures. Things that are nostalgic or things that make you laugh. It could be little things like a lock of hair you cut off your dad’s head when you gave him a haircut, or a newspaper clipping on the COVID-19 news.


If you are burying your box/bottle in the garden or outside, we recommend that you use a waterproof bag to wrap it in, as we live in one of the wettest countries in the world! We would also recommend that you put the wrapped box into another sturdier box. Maybe you have an empty tin that you can recycle.

Have Fun!



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