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What is a Collaborative Workspace?

A collaborative workspace is a hybrid space consisting of a breakout space, meeting room, office space and presentation space, basically it is an area or space in which your entire team can work alongside each other in a collaborative and productive way.

Cooperation is at the root of collaboration. Employees who cooperate can work together, regardless of the objective or obstacles. This concept is at the root of every corporate team-building exercise, and it needs to be central in collaborative workspace design.”

What better way to explore new ideas, harvest productivity, or utilise an inspiring space where you can get creative brainstorming with your team. As many of us are working remotely at the moment spaces like this are perfect for getting teams together on a weekly or monthly basis. At Glandore, we have specially designed breakout areas and flexible spaces to cater for any individual business team.

While working from home can be ideal in some situations, meeting with your team in person is extremely beneficial for exuding ideas and maintaining a balanced workflow. We all need designated work space to join forces and Glandore have exactly what you need to set up something unique for each member of your team.

How Does a Collaborative Workspace Work?

Collaborative work space works in many different ways. From giving you the right kind of space for delving into a project with your team, to finding a quiet space to map out some plans and present your weekly agendas. The beauty of collaboration spaces is that you can tailor the space to suit your day to day needs. The word collaborate means to work jointly on something. Whether that is sitting at one table developing on an idea and then sharing it with the wider group in a presentation area or presenting new ideas to your team to generate buy-in.

The Hybrid Model

Many of us have been adapting to various ways of working. Glandore see that the future of many businesses means adapting more towards a hybrid model, whereby one or two days per week will be spent working in a collaborative space and the rest of the week spent in a more structured environment in an office or remotely.

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Why Does Your Team Need a Shared & Flexible Collaborative Workspace?

There is great merit and benefits that go hand in hand when choosing a collaborate workspace. Communications can be adversely affected over digital mediums such as virtual calls or emails, and can often come across conflicting. Collaborative working environments reduce this conflict by reconnecting teams and generating new ideas. The is no substitute for the energy that is created when sitting down with your team in person and building ideas for the future.

5 Benefits of Collaborative Workspaces

  1. Improve your company culture. Reap the benefits of working alongside your team in an intimate setting.
  2. Address your teams work needs more effectively. From time to time, your team may need to reconnect and address their work flow face to face.
  3. Increased Productivity. Many find working in a collaborative space shows greater productivity with wide open areas, bright rooms with large windows echoing the buzz from the city locations.
  4. Increase Team Bonding. Team environments can lift spirits and better still can achieve motivation amongst colleagues. Collaboration spaces achieve this by strengthening engagement among teams.
  5. Maintain Office Culture. Office culture is one of the most crucial ingredients to a healthy and happy team and growing your business in the right direction.

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Flexible Architecture

Flexible office space combined with state of the art collaboration zones will hugely benefit your productivity. While currently it is important to keep your staff safe, it is also very important to maintain culture within your organisation.

Harvard Business Review states that “The architecture of collaboration has not changed so quickly since technological advances in lighting and ventilation made tall office buildings feasible, and one could argue that it has never before been so efficient. Designing workplaces for interaction between two or more individuals—or collaboration, from the Latin collaborare, meaning to work together—has never seemed so easy.” [2]

One Size Fits All

Global Talent Acquisition Agency, GQR states that “The concept that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to working environments has shifted.”  At Glandore we completely agree. For these reasons Glandore offers a wide range of flexible collaboration spaces for all types of projects. Whether you are looking for a space just to meet your team to catch up and have a lunch with, or you want to set up a brainstorming session and need a white board and an area to map out your accounts to date. Whatever it is we have all your needs covered. GQR culture code is simple – “We believe in being audacious – giving ourselves space to assume risks, explore opportunities and seek out new challenges”. This is also something that Glandore live by. Space enables exploration of opportunities big or small.

From breakout areas to private phone booths, collaborative workspace is an excellent approach for the modern working business. Needless to say, at Glandore, all of our spaces offer the peace of mind of a safe and routinely sanitised areas ready for your business to grow.


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