We aim to deliver the most environmentally friendly and sustainable service in the Irish market helping our members achieve more, with less impact on the environment.

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With the assistance of our onsite Glandore Green Team, we are committed to implementing positive change in the communities where we live, work and do business. We embrace the opportunity and responsibility to increase green initiatives within our business for our staff, our members, and the wider community.

Solar Panels

Coworking and flexible workspace by their very definition is green. It’s not just a sharing of ideas but of space, heat, light and other resources. Applying techniques such as smart light sensors and solar panels, Glandore is Ireland’s first flexible and coworking provider in the Republic of Ireland to state their commitment to using 100 per cent renewable energy.


Our City Quarter office location in Cork is the first plastic-free, flexible office space in Ireland. Removing all disposable plastic items on-site, Glandore has replaced plastic branded water bottles with glass, providing reusable amenities throughout the office. We work with all suppliers to ensure deliveries are plastic-free and that other packaging coming on-site is reduced.

Renewable Energy

Glandore uses renewable energy and encourages members to turn off lights, AC/heating, and equipment when not in use.

Water Conservation

We provide hand dryers, dual flush toilets, and sensor taps in most of our toilets to reduce water waste.

Low-Chemical Cleaning Products

Our cleaning company uses low-chemical products on a daily basis reduce negative environmental impact and to promote a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Coloured Bins

The bins are divided by colour for easy disposal and reference. A waste guide is provided to help members understand which waste goes in which bin.

Compostable Bins

Compostable bins can be found in all kitchens to facilitate proper disposal of organic waste and avoid recycling contamination.

Waste Minimisation

We encourage waste minimisation across our members and supply chain to reduce our environmental impact.

Easily Accessible

Glandore’s private office spaces in Dublin are located in prime locations that offer easy access to public transport, restaurants and other amenities. Our offices are situated in the heart of Dublin, Cork and Belfast, which helps create a professional image for your business and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cycle to Work

Showers and bike racks are provided to encourage members and employees to cycle to work, reducing the use of cars and promoting physical wellness.

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