Five ways to combat impostor syndrome

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Impostor syndrome has become more common over the past number of years and is a term used to describe people who doubt their achievements, fearing that others will expose them as fraudulent. The condition can affect anyone, regardless of their career level or social status.

A National Study carried out by Access Commercial Finance in the UK, found that 62% of us have experienced imposter syndrome at work during the past year. Here at Glandore, our members and employees wellbeing is something we regard highly and we know how important it is to feel happy in your job, which is why we wanted to provide you with five ways to help combat the feeling of imposter syndrome.

Know your worth and accept praise

When you do a great job take all the compliments you can get, you deserve them. You should always know how worthy you are of praise and never shy away from it. Try to be more accepting of your achievements and allow yourself to enjoy them. Your hard work and great results will speak volumes, which is why you should start to see yourself in this positive way.

It’s okay to be a little lost sometimes

You must understand that until you gain some valuable experience and give yourself a chance to adjust to your new position or career you can always consider yourself an amateur. Be open about not knowing what to do in certain situations and always ask questions, but above all else understand that it is okay to be a little lost sometimes while working on difficult projects Remember, everyone has to start somewhere so give yourself a break, as long as you’re enthusiastic and honest, people will understand.

Remind yourself of your achievements

When you look back over your work history and achievements you will see how far you have come. This will remind you of how hard you have worked to earn your current position. Read some of your old recommendation letters and understand that these are not just words on paper but accomplishments that you have earned and should be proud of. Reminding yourself of what you have done will help you in shaking off the feeling of impostor syndrome.

Talk Through It

Meet with a friend, family member, or trusted colleague and talk about your feelings. Sharing your thoughts will help you to overcome them and move forward. According to Professor Sir Cary Cooper “An outside perspective is often all it takes to remind you of why you deserve to feel confident at work.” Your friends and family are your biggest fans and will want to help you understand your worth. They will remind you that you are not a fraud and that you need to accept that it is your time to shine.

Be Patient

Celebrate the little wins and try to understand that your worth as a professional, like all great things will take some time. Being patient will let you see that reaching your short-term goals will lead to you reaching the bigger ones. Invest some time into practicing patience and you will soon see yourself starting to take credit for your amazing accomplishments.

Here at Glandore, we offer complimentary workplace wellbeing programmes to help you make the most of your time at work, and we take care to create supportive spaces for all of our members. If you’re looking for a coworking or office space that creates space for you and your team to grow why not arrange a tour in one of our DublinBelfast or Cork locations? We’d be happy to show you around and answer any questions you have about working from Glandore.

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