5 things you should look for when choosing your coworking space

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According to a recent survey compiled by, 92% of coworkers said that they were happy with their coworking space of choice. But what really makes for an appealing communal workspace? What aspects must you consider before settling into a hot desk or even fully fledged private office space?

We here at Glandore understand that everyone has their own version of what’s right for them. Certain amenities or services that one person may desire may not suit the needs of someone else. However, there are a few key aspects that most coworkers tend to agree on when choosing the optimal space for them.

1.  Location

Whether you’re looking for somewhere close to your current location or trying to get as far away as possible, choosing an ideal location is a vital step.

In most cities, there are typically plenty of shared office spaces to choose from and most of them tend to be spread out from one another. Before settling for the first one you see, take some time to do your homework. Is there a space closer to home? If you’re driving, is there an office with parking facilities? What about scenery? Wouldn’t you like to work next to a green area or other public spaces?

Once you’ve decided on your dream location, you can then start to look at the finer details.

2.  Amenities

Wifi? Unlimited coffee? Access to a phone? These are simple but essential amenities that will ultimately influence where you decide to cowork.

Different projects will require the availability of certain services or maybe nothing at all. Visit your desired location to make sure you’ll be comfortable for the foreseeable future.

Also, make sure to check that you’re only paying for what you need. There’s no point in paying for an interactive whiteboard system or a state of the art software system when all you need is a desk and a good wifi connection.

3.  Length of contract

A shorter contract is one of the biggest advantages of coworking spaces. No longer are business tied down to a 10 or 20 year lease.

The length of contract needs to correspond with what is right for your business needs. Is this going to be a short break from the office or are you an entrepreneur, looking to build your own start-up?

Different spaces offer various long-term and short-term options and packages. Shop around and try to find the most practical package to suit your budget.

4. Networking opportunities

One of the many benefits of sharing an office is the chance to meet like minded people who you may have shared interests with.

You can bounce ideas off new individuals who can possibly look at a scenario from a different perspective and offer fresh advice and opinions. It’s important to make full use of these networking opportunities while utilising coworking spaces. You never know who you might just end up sitting beside.

Many shared office providers also hold members events such as lunchtime activites or evening receptions. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know not only the people in your shared office but also those in the different offices throughout the building. These encounters could turn into future engagements, employment opportunities or even potential partnerships.

5.  Culture

Trying to get anything done in a mundane, stale office environment is near enough impossible. Revisiting the same scenery, greeting the same faces and drinking from the same, mediocre coffee pot can drain you of all enthusiasm, leaving little room for much ingenuity.

Coworking spaces are well known for their dynamic and inclusive culture, an ideal environment for producing innovative work. Check to see which spaces offer wellness programmes, regular meetups and seminars or even outdoor activities.

According to, 62% of fellow coworkers said that since they switched offices, they have reported an improved standard of work and even 68% said they’ve been more focused on their current tasks.

At Glandore, we offer flexible workspace for 1 – 350 people in Dublin, Cork and Belfast. Our memberships allow you to grow, scale and expand your business depending on your needs. Find out more and ask us about becoming a Glandore Member here.

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