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In the past 16 years, Glandore has helped numerous international companies to set up their EMEA operations in Ireland.

This article first appeared in the 17.09.2017 version of The Sunday Business Post.
What do companies like Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox have in common? Aside from being tech giants, they all first branched into the Irish market by setting up their first home and European headquarters at Glandore in Dublin.

Starting any new operation requires finding the right office space. Finding a workspace that is flexible and can accommodate growth is vital. With a network of current and former members that include Yelp, Asana and Nitro, Glandore seems to have a winning formula.

Glandore provides fully fitted workspace, with the ability for companies and individuals to scale from one person up to a team of 350, in prime Dublin and Belfast city centre locations. An immediate and seamless set-up with flexibility in space and length of term is essential for companies to minimise risk and capital outlay in the early years.

“We create workspace that facilitates growth,” said Clare Kelly, director of the Irish-owned family firm.

Kelly has found that companies at the start of their expansion journey into the European market have similar needs and requirements. Top of their list is the need for speed to market, flexibility and the ability to scale and recruit top talent.

“We’ve been in business for 16 years so we’re highly experienced in assisting international companies and in particular US firms who wish to set up their EMEA operations in Ireland,” said Kelly.

In that time, she has seen many companies grow within Glandore, in particular US multinationals, prompting the launch of Glandore’s complimentary Wellness Programme in early 2017.

“We’ve learned a lot from our members with regards to changing trends in workspace design and maximising employee engagement,” said Kelly. “We endeavour to support each company in scaling their culture and values in Ireland. We aim to create a fun, healthy and supportive work environment that reflected and was inspired by the culture of many of our current and former members.”

This sense of community is crucial for companies relocating or expanding their business in a new country, according to Kelly.

“The power of networking and connecting with like-minded individuals and companies is crucial, which is why we offer both a space to land and a space to expand at Glandore,” she said. “We accelerate and expand our members’ business network by facilitating connections between members, alumni and the wider business community at our Glandore Network events.”

Acting as concierge and support network, being part of a group like Ireland Gateway to Europe has been a natural fit for Glandore.

Through the group, Glandore can connect its international members to a trusted support network of relevant, local partners that can assist with other aspects of the company’s development and growth in Ireland, from banking and recruitment, to healthcare and residential accommodation.

“Ireland Gateway to Europe takes a collegiate approach to supporting FDI,” said Kelly. “The upcoming Gateway trip to Palo Alto and San Francisco will give companies considering Ireland as their EMEA headquarters access to service providers and experts offering practical steps and solutions to establishing a presence here.”

Along with a series of events planned by Gateway for its upcoming trip to California, Kelly is looking forward to connecting with Glandore members, both past and present, from the West Coast.

“We really enjoy visiting our US member companies on their home ground and reconnecting with the team from head office” she said.

“Glandore is proud to provide the first home for these companies in Europe and it is a further honour to have the opportunity to see in person where it all began.”

At Glandore, we create space for business to grow with serviced offices, coworking, flexible workspace and an exclusive members network. If you’d like to find out more about us and how we can help your business grow, get in touch for a chat or a tour here.

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