Quirky job titles – constructive or cringe?

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Creative titles are becoming more and more common. It has been said outside the norm titles can have a positive effect on recruitment, engagement and the retention rates of staff. These quirky titles are no longer only confined to the tech sector where they first began popping up.


In most organisations, job titles are in place to tell employees where they are a company’s hierarchy and how much they should make compared to others in their industry. But some companies believe that the usual job titles can be restrictive and confine individuals. It’s said that quirky titles can lead employees to think outside the box and inspire creativity.

From Digital Marketing Magicians to Directors of Fundom -we’ve seen quite a few questionable titles arise over the past few years. Businesses are now hiring Receptionists as Directors of First Impressions, Party Planners are now Directors of Spark, and Subway has changed their Sub Makers to ‘Sandwich Artist’. In today’s era of high job competition could a wacky title help get you or your company noticed?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of quirky titles.


The Pros

Stand out

In a competitive climate when it comes to hiring, you want your company to stand out from the crowd and attract the brightest and best talent there is. Many creative and quirky job postings tend to attract attention and could end up attracting awareness for your company.

Interesting first impressions

Having a unique title makes for a fun and interesting conversation when networking and helps break the ice. Whether you’re an ‘Imagination Interpreter’ or ‘Director of First Impressions’ (that’s graphic designer or receptionist by the way!), you’re bound to get the conversation rolling.

Communicate company culture

Quirky job titles can indicate that you are a company with a fun culture that doesn’t take itself too seriously. As many companies are now vying for the attention of a younger workforce who place a big focus on company culture, quirky titles can portray your company’s personality.


The Cons

Be as Clear as Possible

Quirky job titles can be a great marketing tool, but importance should be placed on clearly communicating the role and the duties. Some companies have experienced a real backlash against titles that are creative but unclear. What you may interpret as one role, a future applicant may interpret in a totally different way.

Be Taken Seriously

Quirky titles can tend to be perceived as cheesy to some levels in various industries. A ‘Director of Sales’ may be easier to take seriously than dealing with a ‘Sales Ninja’. Your team might think you’re hip and cool, but outsiders may have a different opinion.

Think Long-Term

What seems cool now, in ten years could very well be highly embarrassing. It’s easy for creative job titles to come across as creative and outside the box today, but they could be old and boring tomorrow. With quirky titles, you run the risk of potential clients or employees thinking you might be unprofessional!

Have you got a quirky job title? Or what’s your opinion – constructive or cringe? Let us know @glandorenetwork.

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