5 Ways to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe



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Investing in clothes that will last longer is not only budget friendly but more importantly it reduces you carbon footprint. Rather than buying more new clothes once we donate our old clothes, start downsizing your wardrobe for the good of the planet.

When you put more thought into building your closet and question why you rush to opt for the latest fashion trend that mostly will be worn once and left at the bottom of your wardrobe. Challenging our consumerism mindset is one of the first steps to a greener lifestyle. Here are some ways that you can improve your habits.


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Check the Label

It will take time to transition to a more sustainable closet. However checking the label is a the first thing you need to consider. Limit purchases that are composed of synthetic fibres. They are mainly hair thin threads of plastic woven fabric that take a lot of oil to produce and far too long to decompose. Chemically processed fabric turns into appealing clothes that don’t last long in our closet or as a style trend. The fabric you want to select more are natural fibres such as organic cotton, linen and hemp.


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Reconsider Fast Fashion

When on a shopping spree the clothes we are mostly drawn to are the ones that are not meant to last. Instead of prepping for 4 seasons a year the typical high street offers 4 different season trends a week. They are constantly designing new clothes at a very fast rate. You can’t keep up with the catwalk or latest trends and when you do eventually give into a trend, you end up being out of style within 3 months.


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Get Creative with What you Already Own

With a little effort you can save many pieces from your wardrobe instead of disposing of them. There are so many ways to disguise a permanent stain or a rip. If you are confident enough to master some stitches or bring the clothes to a professional you can give them a new lease of life. At Glandore we want to encourage our members to keep sustainability at the front line of day to day choices when it comes to clothing. Building and maintaining a sustainable wardrobe is completely achievable and as a community can make a huge impact.

Glandore teamed up with Olka Voytenko a professional seamstress that is offering clothes repair to our Glandore members at our offices in Cork. The relationship comes as a part of Glandore’s ongoing sustainability drive which aims to achieve an eco workspace. Using Olga’s expertise, we hope to encourage our members to repair clothes instead of dumping and buying into fast fashion, subsequently reducing carbon and clothing waste.


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Skip Laundry Day!

Washing clothes often has an impact on the environment as it uses so much energy and water. Choosing a cold setting for your washes is a great step however when washing synthetic fibres the clothes release microfibres in the water that in the end pollute the ocean.

Your clothes will last longer if you wash them less. They will hold their shape better an also you reduce their rate of shrinking. If you opt for more breathable options when shopping such as cotton, linen and hemp you will notice that you won’t need to wash the natural fibres, as often as they are more breathable for your skin and keep you fresh for a longer period of time.


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Thrift Unique Styles

Thrifting is a big part of Green living in more ways than one. When you buy pre-loved items, you keep them from being sent to a landfill and cut the demand of manufacturing as well. A lot of energy goes into making clothing, right from the transportation of raw materials to production processes. Then, there’s the energy required to transport finished clothing to stores, and dispose of unwanted items. When you buy second hand, you’re preventing wasted energy and resources on the production of new clothes. You will also save money and find some unique styles that you will be sure to stand out with!


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