How to keep your team motivated during the summer months

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June marks the beginning of summer here in Ireland and over the next couple of months you might notice your team are a little disengaged or distracted at work. Whether they are looking forward to their annual leave or wishing they had more time off, employees can often feel as though they are not getting to enjoy the summer weather as much as they might like to. This can result in teams feeling unproductive and unmotivated.

Over 45pc of employees are more distracted during the summer months compared to any other time during the year. This is evidenced by the fact that according to a Captivate Network study, productivity in the workplace drops 20pc in the summer months. Here at Glandore we have a few simple ways to help keep your team motivated during those long summer days at the office.

Encourage taking time off and personal days

We always try to encourage our team to take personal days and use their holiday time during the summer months. This allows employees to return to work feeling well rested and recharged and can also boost productivity. Simply taking a personal day to catch up on day to day tasks or enjoying a week exploring a new place and relaxing with family and friends can help prevent employee burnout and reduce the chance of your team feeling that summer slump. You will also notice that happy, well rested employees will have a better work-life balance and will stay motivated and ready to complete any task they are given.

Be a little flexible

If it’s possible, try be more flexible during hot sunny days. Almost all of our Glandore members have access to an outdoor communal area, why not hold some team meetings outside and allow your team to enjoy the nice weather during work hours. If you can, maybe let your employees work remotely or have a half day on a Friday. This will boost morale and it will ensure your team doesn’t feel like they are missing out too much.

Plan Fun Company Events

Summer is the perfect time to treat your employees to some fun company events. With the sun shining a little more during the summer months, why not host a company BBQ or an outdoor retreat. Simple perks like sponsoring happy hour or going on a team lunch can also help your team enjoy summer even though they are at the office. This will also help with team bonding. Our Glandore team often plan to grab a coffee together in the park or they try get a little work done outside where possible. Fun activities will allow employees to relax, unwind and boost workplace happiness while celebrating summer and it will remind them that the company they work for cares about them.

Reward great workers

Hosting an employee recognition awards ceremony can make the summer months seem a little easier for your team. This will give employees something to work toward while simultaneously creating a little healthy competition around the office. Why not take it that extra step and provide some certificates and small tokens of your appreciation for some of your best employees. Trust us, your efforts will not go unnoticed. If everyone enjoys it you could make it an annual event and it can be something to look forward to each summer.

Here at Glandore, we believe in encouraging healthy work environments and wellbeing and we do our very best to ensure that our members and employees stay motivated and productive. To find out more about becoming a Glandore member please click here.

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