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Technology has revolutionised the way we work. We now work faster and smarter.

Our files can be found in one place, our tasks are organised online, even helping us look after our wellbeing can be done through an app on our mobile. Handy apps on our phones and desktops allow us to stay on top of our workloads and improve productivity and wellbeing.

We’ve put together a list of our top five apps that help us get through the workday.


Dropbox is a cloud storage system that allows users to upload and save files. It can be used as a mobile application or through the desktop version. Although the app itself is free, you can purchase a business plan with the software for added storage and features.

When an employee isn’t using a dedicated desk it is important their files move with them. Dropbox allows you to access files wherever you are simply by logging into your account.

Saving files to a group Dropbox account means that all employees have access to the same information. As files can be shared it increases collaboration among employees, which helps improve the standard of your work.

It also means files are less likely to go missing. As your files are all in the one place they are easily accessible. Dropbox also has a handy feature that allows you to retrieve deleted files within 30 days.


Asana is a web and mobile project management app designed to help teams track their work. The basic version of the app, which allows up to 15-team members, is free. Premium versions of the app, which have added features, can have unlimited team members.

Employees, who work in teams, work in different offices or even different countries can benefit greatly from a project management tool like Asana. It allows users to create projects and tasks that can be seen by other employees. Users can add notes, comments and attachments to tasks and projects.

Asana has a proven track record with their customers. 81% of Asana customers have said the app helps them communicate about their work more easily, while 74% of customers have also said the app helps their team meet deadlines.


While it is important to keep on top of your productivity and your workload, it is also important to look after yourself. Headspace mobile and web meditation and mindfulness app, which helps its users deal with stress and anxiety.

Users have access to 10 days’ worth of free material when they download the app. After this they can choose to take out a monthly or annual subscription for access to more features or continue with the free material.

The app provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training to its users. Techniques taught to its users combine elements of calming and insight meditation.

Their 10-minute sessions are accessible and can be easily built into a busy working day. They can instantly help alleviate stress being felt by an employee.


Have you ever found an article online that you wanted to read but simply didn’t have the time? You go back to find it later on and have forgotten the name or where you saw it. Pocket prevents that. Pocket is a web and mobile app that allows you to quickly save but also discovers and recommends stories that might interest you.

The app is free to download and comes with unlimited storage, tags which allow you to organise your files, and tools that allows you to listen to your saved articles with Text-to-Speech technology. Users can upgrade to a premium version, which offers extra features.

Pocket has proved popular since its launch. It now has over 22 million users who have saved over 2 billion items. Reviews of the app are also positive; with many users stating them simply can’t live without it.


If you have trouble staying organised Evernote is the app for you. The mobile and desktop app allows you to organise your personal and professional projects through notes, to-do lists and reminders.

As with all our top five apps Evernote is free to download. But for versions with more features and increased storage users will have to pay a yearly fee. This ranges from €30 to €120.

These premium versions are better suited to whole companies who will have a number of employees using the software. The extra features allow more collaboration, increased storage on the system and the ability to share files between users.

When taking notes you can use various formats including sketches, audio, text and video. These tools mean any and all ideas can be easily documented and filed away for use later on. The ability to tag your notes and organise them by type makes all files in Evernote easily accessible for all users.

Reducing clutter and increasing accessibility and organisation helps all users to boost their productivity. The files accompany with their users wherever they go. So if they move desk for the day, change office space or are on a business trip in a different country their files are always with them.

Here at Glandore we believe in providing and encouraging healthy working environments. With initiatives like our complimentary wellness program, we aim to improve our members’ wellbeing both in and out of the office. To find out more about how you can benefit from becoming a Glandore member, please click here.

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