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Collaboration is an essential part of modern work ethic. Without collaboration, the workplace can become devoid of creativity, leaving only a brain-drain effect which can slowly kill any progress being made.

Collaboration allows for the introduction of new ideas and alternative perspectives. It brings like-minded people together in order to create innovative solutions to hardened problems. Customers and clients will notice the difference between a product which was formed through collaborative efforts and one which was thrown together with a singular, narrow perspective. But, how exactly can collaboration improve your workplace culture and create a healthy atmosphere in your company as whole?

Here at Glandore, we are passionate about providing our members with the right tools to help create their perfect workplace culture. We’ve come up with some great reasons why you should get your office collaborating.

1. Encouraging feedback from the frontline upwards

If your frontline workers(those who deal with customers on a regular basis) don’t feel like they can easily report an issue or volunteer a suggestion it can be difficult for  your company to move forward.

By creating an engaging, healthy workplace culture, one which forbids the phrase ‘silly question’, frontline workers will feel more comfortable when approaching their seniors and more confident when suggesting solutions or positive changes.

Your operations will see a dramatic improvement when it comes to resolving issues and possibly even some improvements will be implemented.

2. Collaborative tools

There is a wide variety of collaborative tools out there today that can make your work life that little bit easier.

Communication tools such as AsanaSlack and Teamwork can help with the delegation of tasks and can help open new dialogues regarding different projects or issues. The integration of tech processes into your office will only encourage collaborative practises and in turn, promote a better work culture.

Even something as simple as assigning tasks in pairs can have a huge impact on your office culture.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility in the workplace is one of the most common requests from large companies. Whether this means purchasing portable workstations such as tablets, or smartphones, or arranging off-site workspace such as coworking, there are plenty of ways for companies to offer flexible options on any budget.

The millennial workforce are looking for more options rather than just the robust 8-hour in office work day. Collaboration can allow for more flexibility which suits a lot of workers and their lifestyles. This in turn leads to more efficiency and engagement on projects.

According to a study conducted by Idea Champions, only 3% of respondents said that they have their best ideas at work. The other 97% said that they typically come up with their greatest ideas at home, while out walking or even in the shower. Give your employees the option of more freedom and you’ll definitely see the results.

4. Speeds up the onboarding process

We’ve touched on the topic of onboarding before, but how does collaboration fit in with all of this?

Having a collaborative culture already in place at your workplace can help form a natural mentor programme. This can help new recruits quickly get up to speed in their first week. New starters tend to learn more from coworkers and it can be a relief for them to walk into a new job knowing they can ask questions and easily obtain any relevant information that they need.

New employees can progress above their station into more senior roles a lot faster if there is a progressive culture of acceptance in which they can excel in.

Here at Glandore we recognise the importance of collaboration in the workplace. We aim to create an environment for collaboration to flourish. We offer flexible and tailored office spaces in Belfast and Dublin. Office sizes can range in style from a single desk in a shared coworking space to an entire building capable of hosting any size workforce. To find out more about our facilities and member exclusive services, click here to arrange a tour.

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