How to create a great company culture

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Company culture is more than the personality of a company. Company culture defines the environment in which you and your colleagues work. Take a look at some of our tips for creating a great company culture.


Value Staff Opinions

Operate an open door policy and allow staff to give feedback. A successful company is led by staff that know and believe that their opinions matter. Ensure you take time to praise your staff regularly for their company achievements and accomplishments. Let them know that their initiative and hard work has and continues to contribute to the company’s success.

Create Bonding Rituals

Set aside some time every couple of weeks to get out of the office for a company lunch. An occasional party or outing is not enough to build and maintain these relationships; so also make sure you make time for small team events into your day-to-day company life.

Create little rituals at employee meetings, have themes for certain days of the week and engage non-work related projects together. It’s about getting to know colleagues not just as colleagues, but what they’re like outside the office too.

Create an Innovative Office

The environment that we work in has a significant impact on our thought process. Set out a creative a space that workers can go to for some quiet time when deadlines are looming. Allow employees to bring fun decorations to add to their work area.

A creative environment sets the bar for innovation. Glandore showcases plenty of room for creative space.

Share Responsibility

A strong company culture isn’t just all about fun: it’s about encouraging your employees to see their job as more than just a job. Employees should feel and take ownership of their job and their ideas. Try to ensure that all team members are contributing equally to tasks. With more responsibility it will encourage all levels to get more involved.

Show You Care

Show your employees you genuinely care about them in their lives. Connect with people at all levels of your company. Keep a company calendar of birthdays and dates of importance to your staff and take some time out to acknowledge these days.

Hire Wisely

You’ve created an environment, and values that reflect your organisation, make sure you hire people who fit in with the intention design of your culture. Hire people who have a proven work ethic,are team players and most importantly are nice people. If they happen to tick all of the above and also boast the skills you are looking for, then you are definately on to a winner.


All work and no fun makes for a very dull team! You can’t underestimate the importance of recognising and rewarding your team when they’re successful.

Don’t forget to celebrate personal successes too such as pregnancies, sporting wins, or educational milestones. Have some fun!

At Glandore, we create space for business to grow with serviced offices, coworking, flexible workspace and an exclusive members network. Our Belfast & Dublin office spaces make for an ideal environment that will help in the creation of a great company culture. 

If you would like to learn more about Glandore and our flexible workspace get in touch here.

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