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According to the World Health Organisation we spend over one-third of our lives at work. It is amazing to think that we actually spend more time with colleagues each day than we do with our families or friends.

This fact is both startling and motivating, and it can often result in you building close relationships with your team at work while making some amazing friends along the way. Working full time in the office each week means that the people we work with become a big part of our lives which is why it is so important to build strong relationships with them to ensure your time at the company is enjoyable.

As a worker you have a responsibility to your team, to look out for them and make sure that they are doing okay. If you don’t consider yourself very close or connected with any of your colleagues then here are some tips to help you become more caring and supportive and help improve communication going forward.

Be helpful

Was there ever a time when you found that you extremely busy at work? Maybe you took on too many projects at once or you had fallen behind because you were ill. It would have been nice if someone had noticed you were struggling and stopped by your desk to see if they could lend a hand. Small gestures like this can make you feel supported in the workplace while also reminding you that you are a valued member of the team.

Take a look around the office from time to time and make sure that no one is struggling or having a tough day. If you see someone stressing, ask them if there is anything you can help them with as even talking about struggles or issues can help.

Recognising when a coworker is having a difficult time and letting them know that you want to try help will show compassion and promote a more empathetic culture in your workplace.

Open up and be more personable

It is important to get to know your coworkers and take the time to learn about their interests and life outside of the workplace. One way of doing this is by spending time chatting away from your desks and generally being more friendly. Why not join them for a coffee break or invite yourself to sit with them at lunch? This will encourage interaction and show that you are open to being friends.

Being a good listener can also go a long way when you are trying to connect with coworkers and show them you care. Take the time to listen rather than talk about yourself, showing others that you aren’t just making small talk and that you value their opinions.

Even simple questions like how their last trip was or what they got up to at the weekend will allow you to also create some common ground and engage on a more personal level.

Recognise great work

It is important to acknowledge when a coworker has done good work or gotten a great result. However, gratitude can often be easily be overlooked within a busy working environment.

Why not be the colleague who encourages and recognises the hard work of your entire team? Send them a quick email to say well done on a successful event that they might have planned or that you really enjoyed their management presentation. Thank them if they gave you some helpful advice or ideas.

These actions might seem very small, but they will have a positive impact on a coworker’s work ethic and confidence while also boosting team morale.

Be more understanding

As much as we try to plan our week ahead in work, life often gets in the way and things don’t always go to plan. Whether it’s car trouble or taking children to the doctor’s appointment, try being more understanding of what your colleagues might be dealing with at home.

Do your best to try accommodate and deal with each situation in a more positive way and be supportive. Reschedule meetings or team catch ups and try not to complain. Your colleagues will appreciate how understanding you will have been and remember this if you are running late or have issues with that stop you from being at work on time.

Kind gestures

It really is nice to be nice and we believe that small acts of kindness in the workplace will not go unnoticed.

Pick up some treats for your team before work one morning or why not order some tasty food to be delivered to the office. Alternatively, if you see that a coworker is busier than normal, why not ask them if you can pick them up some lunch while you are out.

Your coworkers will be grateful, and you will have again acknowledged that they are busy and offered to help them out. These kind gestures will not make you feel good but will usually have a knock-on effect which will ensure a happier more positive office.

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