Seven podcasts to boost your productivity

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The commute to work doesn’t always have to be boring; neither does lunch time at your desk. Why not use the time to plug into a podcast that can help give you the tools to form better habits and boost productivity.

Here are the top programs we recommend listening to in your down time.

1.  Beyond the To Do List

This podcast gives all perspectives on productivity. Its host Erik Fisher interviews a different person in each podcast; each an expert in their related field. He offers his listeners an interesting look inside the lives of people who are at the top of their industry and gives tips on how one can get there.

2.  The 5am Miracle

As it says so itself, this podcast is designed for high achievers. It’s all about dominating your day before breakfast. The host, Jeff Sanders, wants to help his listeners bounce out of bed with enthusiasm. His core topics of conversation include early mornings, healthy habits, personal development and increasing productivity.

3. Defeat the Drama at Work

This podcast’s top focus is team productivity. With over 100 episodes, its host Kirsten E. Ross offers proven strategies that help leaders create a clear direction to generate engaged teams that work well and are more productive. If you’re in a leadership role and looking for ways to boost your teams’ productivity, then this podcast will definitely help.

4. The Productivityist Podcast

Once you’ve gotten over that tongue twister of a title, this podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy, the show discusses tips and tools to help take your productivity to new heights. Recent episodes have also explored the topics of mindfulness and tracking productivity data.

5. The Action Catalyst

Hosted by Rory Vaden, New York Times bestselling author and leader of a multi-million dollar consulting firm, you really could not be taking productivity advice from anyone better. In each episode Rory shares ideas on how to make better use of your time to achieve your business goals. Weekly guests include entrepreneurs, psychologists, and even special appearances, such as his 100-year-old grandmother.

6. Getting Things Done

‘GTD’ as the listeners call it is the brainchild of David Allen. He is also the author to a book of the same name, which has become known as the definitive book on time management. The podcasts include both personal and professional stories alongside practical tips on how to boost productivity and get things done.

7. The Tim Ferriss Show

In each episode, Tim interviews well-known stars from the worlds of sport, business or entertainment. He asks them about their own tips and tricks for productivity, allowing us all to gain a little more know-how in the area. He also shares his own tips from minimizing the working week to maximizing your fitness. This is one of the most popular productivity podcasts out there and was the first business/interview podcast to pass 100,000,000 downloads.

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