Benefits of shared workspace for startups

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Startups often consider shared workspaces as a more beneficial alternative to traditional offices for a number of reasons. Here at Glandore we work closely with startups and we wanted to share some of the benefits a shared workspace can have on a new business.


Shared workspaces have the ability to create a collaborative, creative work environment and allow startup companies the chance to join a supportive community. Many startups are breaking away from the traditional workspaces and are opting for more flexible and less isolating spaces that can help maintain positive mindfulness and wellness among their teams. As a startup or an entrepreneur working alone, being in a supportive work environment can it can be an exciting step towards growing business and becoming part of a friendly workplace community.


Similar to Glandore, most of Ireland’s shared workspaces can be found in the larger cities like Dublin, Belfast and Cork. The right location can have a significant impact on any startup. It can provide companies with easier access to a skilled talent pool, cafes and restaurants, gyms and parks, links to nationwide public transport systems as well as international airports. All of which are necessary to attract and retain a great work force and build and expand a client base.

Networking opportunities

While working in a shared office space, collaboration and networking are always promoted. At Glandore our team frequently host happy hours, monthly breakfast meet ups and amazing wellness and business events. Networking is also encouraged through our clients daily use of shared club rooms, communal kitchens and coffee stations. These networking opportunities allow startup teams to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and help expand their professional network locally. Simply just turning up for work can help teams network more easily.


Working in a shared workspace can help teams to think outside the box and boost creativity. Providing work environment that is full of ideas and energy can help startups to build a dynamic and forward thinking team. Here at Glandore we try to support innovation among teams as much as possible and provide our clients with large spacious conference rooms along with access to conference calling facilities. A team can easily communicate with colleagues who are offsite in a private setting where they can built on new ideas and collaborate easily, an aspect that might not be so easy from a home office or communal space.

Upfront costs and savings

One key benefit for startups choosing to use shared workspace is the cost savings. Startups of all shapes and sizes can choose the space that suits their needs best with the flexibility to expand whenever they need to. Being a member of a shared office space like Glandore means that companies can save money on maintenance, IT support and internet services, furniture and even coffee and snacks. They have a space that is already up and running and ready to be used and allows a company to grow with ease knowing there will not be any hidden expenses.

If you are interested in looking for your first private office or setting up a new one in one of our DublinCork or Belfast locations, we can work with you to find the best solution for your startup.  We look forward to introducing you to our community, and to welcoming you to our members network. Drop us a line here to make the first step in joining our community.

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