5 ways managers can enhance employee wellbeing

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Employee wellbeing should always be a top priority, not just from an HR point of view but for all managers. After all, a healthy worker is a happy worker.

It is up to you as an employer to make sure that you’re promoting a healthy office culture and are actively encouraging wellbeing programmes within your business.

We here at Glandore pride ourselves on our Glandore Members’ wellness programme, and have put together a list of 5 ways in which managers can improve employee wellbeing in their own workplace.

1.  Promote wellbeing as a key factor in your company culture

Company culture is more than the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which you and your colleagues work.

Wellbeing is now becoming a staple aspect of any modern working environment therefore it is important that wellbeing is made a priority when discussing your company culture.

Regularly inform your staff of ways in which you promoting wellbeing in your company and of upcoming wellness events that you may be holding.

2. Maintain structural consistency

If it’s not broken, why try and fix it? If you have a workflow method that works for you and your staff, then there is no need to switch it up.

While it’s important to keep an open mind and try new things, employees may find it stressful and overall quite difficult to continually produce good work if they constantly have to change the way in which they do so.

If a change is needed, then make sure that you have fully communicated this to your staff and properly inform them of why you are doing so. Most times an unhealthy office culture can stem from simple miscommunication. By maintaining a well-run structure within your place of work, it will automatically encourage and maintain a healthy culture of wellness in the office.


3. Allow flexibility

The millennial workforce no longer wishes to work under outdated regulations and conform to the traditional ‘9 to 5’, on-site working week. However, this isn’t about taking a step backwards, but looking at newer, more progressive ways in which we approach how we work.

According to a recent survey, 87% of surveyed HR managers believe that workplace flexibility programs have a direct link to employee satisfaction. This refers to the idea of giving employees the option to periodically work from home.

The same survey also showed that seven out of 10 HR recruiters use workplace flexibility programs as a tool for recruiting new talent. Allowing employees to have more control over their working week shows that you trust them. This, in turn, makes them feel more responsible for their output and can lead to a more engaged and enthusiastic workforce.

4. Offer team-building exercises and community engagement opportunities

There’s nothing worse than an awkward environment in an office. If employees aren’t engaging with one another, then how can you expect collaboration or fresh ideas?

Recent statistics have shown that companies with high employee engagement earn over twice as much income than competitors whose engagement levels are low. Also, employees who actively connect with their colleagues and management staff are 87% less likely to leave a company then their less engaged counterparts.

Effective team building exercises and activities are a fantastic way to get employees interacting with one another and creating important connections with those who may be potential partners for future projects.

5. Engage with your employees, be a role model

On the topic of engagement, it’s also up to you as a leader to connect with your team and set a good example for them to follow.

Creating a healthy relationship between department heads and your other employees is imperative to development and future growth.

One simple way to do this is to step out of your office from time to time, ask your employees about what they’re working on and offer assistance if they need it. Simple actions like this can go a long way in helping employees feel engaged and happy in their workspace.

At Glandore, we believe that every business needs the right environment to achieve their full potential. We support the growth of the companies and individuals we house with our very own wellness programme. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Glandore member in our flexible office space, get in touch here.

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