7 deadly sins of workplace productivity

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Productivity is something that every working person strives to achieve, from CEOs to creatives, however simple things you do each day are killing your productivity and sabotaging your success.

1. Lack of focus

The most unproductive thing you can do is to start a task or project without  a goal in mind. You could have the best tools, the greatest team, the most creative space, but if you don’t have focus you are doomed from the start.
You need to set out and state what success looks like. Is it a new product that will generate X amount in revenue by mid 2018? Is it to hold an event next month that generates five pieces of media coverage and ten meetings? Ensure that your objective is specific and measurable. This way it will keep you determined and focussed as there are specific numbers and dates. Keep a visual reminder by your desk of what success looks like.
You attract what you focus on.

2. Fear of failure

There is an aspiring adventurer, entrepreneur, risk taker in all of us, we are often too afraid to take the leap. Fear has a way of paralysing our productivity. We think that if we fail it is the end, so we’d rather not try.
Fear of failure can be a hard thing to overcome, however if you identity the root cause of your fear, whether it be money, confidence or change, it can feel like a smaller issue. Partnering with a mentor can also be a great help when trying to overcome fear of failure, or simply talk it out with a colleague or co-worker. Fear is not an ending, but a milestone along your journey to success.

3. Fear of success

Speaking of success, it can be just as frightening as failure. This fear makes you believe that you won’t be able to deal with the challenges and opportunities that arise from success. It comes down to self-confidence and things outside of your control.
A way to try and combat this is to think of all positive results that success will bring you, such as a great reputation, the ability to grow your business and team, and not to mention a boost to your confidence.
A little fear can keep you motivated, but uncontrolled fear will kill your productivity.

4. Perfectionism

Perfectionism kills productivity and creativity. Perfect work is subjective, what is OK to you could be amazing to someone else, you can’t keep your work to yourself and keep pushing back deadlines. Share your work and take the feedback on board. If you are always waiting for a better idea or constantly trying to enhance the same piece of  work, you will never complete it. We live in a very competitive world and chances are if you don’t produce your product, concept or idea, someone else will.
Of course quality work comes first, and you can’t just throw out any old thing, but it’s vital in this fast-paced world to find the balance between perfect and productive.

5. Too independent

Leaders, founders and entrepreneurs feel that they have to single-handedly manage not only projects but the business as a whole, all by their lonesome. No one has the ability, or the time, to grow and manage a business without relying on others. You should get support and feedback from a variety of sources to help you make better decisions, and be more productive. Business centres and coworking spaces are amazing for collaboration and support, you can speak to other leaders in your position, and ask for advice. Chances are there will be someone skilled in a certain area of business that you need assistance in. There’s a hub of support and knowledge and community of people just like you.

6. Meetings

Here at Glandore we are definitely pro-meetings, but we are also pro-productivity. There are far too many bad meetings happening right now. Meetings won’t suck up all your time and leave you struggling to stay awake if they are done right. The trick to a productive meeting is to set the objective from the start and have everyone versed in what you want to achieve. You should also understand what kind of meeting it is going to be, will it be a brief check in? Then how about a stand-up meeting? Is it a brain storming session? Then try getting out of you usual boardroom and try a creative space.
Great meetings happen when you have a great leader, the person leading the meeting must not be afraid to take charge and direct the meeting if it goes off-track.

7. Your desk

Productivity is not slaving away at your desk, shoulders hunched, from 9-5. More and more people from CEOs to start-up founders are seeing the benefits of working in creative spaces. You don’t necessarily need a super slide or a Michelin start chef in order for you to be productive. You might just need to get out of the house, or just need a day away from the office for a change of scenery.
Remember where you work, effects how you work.

If you would like to find out about our flexible work space, enquire here or even book a tour to see what’s best for you or your team.

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