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Amazing sunset at the river of Cork city in Ireland

Time: 1 pm – 2 pm – Wednesday 25th September
Location: Clubroom, Glandore Lapps Quay, Cork.

Fashion editor, award-winning stylist and bestselling author Annmarie O’Connor launched her Business Casual ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminar series for Cork businesses.

Once the remit of tech start-ups and media companies, the business casual dress code is now a firm fixture on the corporate landscape. Remote access, increased travel, flexi-time and the need to attract and retain talent have all contributed to this paradigm shift with industries relaxing work wardrobe formalities. Ironically, what is designed to increase efficiency and wellbeing has become its own source of stress as employees grapple with finding a middle ground.

Business Casual: Decoding the Dress Code is part of a broader series of ‘wardrobe wellness’ workshops and seminars designed and delivered by O’Connor’s company The Happy Closet ® These scalable, inclusive events combine staff needs and business goals to take the stress out of getting dressed, improving confidence and competence in the workplace.

Of the seminar series, O’Connor says: “Increasingly, corporate dress codes have become more casual. While this is embraced in theory, the application is much more nuanced. As the workplace is a locus for career progression, the subtext of clothing can have a big impact on one’s professional advancement. With this, it’s important to understand how to create a business casual wardrobe that makes you feel confident and makes other confident in you.”

About The Happy Closet: The Happy Closet designs and delivers bespoke wardrobe wellness workshops and seminars for companies. Led by fashion editor and award-winning fashion stylist Annmarie O’Connor, these scalable, interactive events combine staff needs and business goals to help take the stress out of getting dressed, improving confidence and competence in the workplace.

About the ‘Lunch and Learn’ series: The Business Casual ‘lunch and learn’ series provides practical advice for navigating relaxed workplace dress codes. Annmarie addresses the casualisation of modern culture and the challenges it can pose to our confidence and career progression. Learn about wardrobe deal breakers and deal makers, the importance of a YOU-niform and how to create a consistent visual message that is in harmony with what you do and say.

About Annmarie O’Connor: With more than ten years’ industry experience, Annmarie O’Connor is one of Ireland’s foremost fashion experts. Annmarie is a fashion editor, stylist, twice published author, TEDx speaker and a well-known radio and TV contributor. With her self-styled ‘wardrobe wellness’ brand and practical approach to dressing, Annmarie designs and delivers workshops & seminars for companies that combine staff needs and business goals to improve confidence and competence in the workplace.

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