Five Minute Focus On: Sarah Martin, Glandore

Glandore Members & Partners

Tell us about yourself

Dublin born and raised, my career has taken me across the Atlantic and back, and across various sectors including journalism, marketing, public relations, events and now community management!

Tell us about your role at Glandore

As Community Executive my role is to cultivate a community for our Glandore members and encourage them to build connections with each other and the larger community. I develop a series of monthly events for our clients across the areas of Wellness, Business Advisory, Learning and Development, and for some of our international clients I am here as a touchstone and helping hand as they settle into life in Dublin.

What do you like about living and working in Dublin?

I love the buzz, particularly around town. It is a truly international city and in the last 10 years I believe Dublin has come into its own. With so many multinationals setting up here , the mix of cultures and diversity is something I really enjoy.

Having grown up in Dublin, the real selling point is proximity to my family and friends – however I think even those who weren’t born here can appreciate that it’s rich in history, culture and entertainment. I love, love, love trying new restaurants and bars, an area Dublin seems to have excelled in the past 5 years, and absolutely adore our indie cinemas and art galleries.

It’s so fun that Dublin manages to keep its old-world charm, while also being a business hub and the home of so many EMEA headquarters for some of the most influential organisations in the world – it has made the city such a dynamic place to live.

Tell us one reason why workplace communities matter for business

I think ultimately, we are built to be social creatures and our survival has been largely dependent on our ability to collaborate and share experiences (be that socially or professionally) – I don’t think that has changed in any way.

Be it for the benefit of mental wellbeing and the fundamental truth that happy employees do better work, or the ability to network and create new business opportunities – I think that when you cultivate a workplace community, you make a space for shared creativity, for building relationships, for open-mindedness, as well as an invaluable support system. I couldn’t limit it to one reason if I tried!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I am an avid reader and always have a book in my bag (I live for people asking me for book recommendations), I adore going to the cinema, and (lest you think I’m completely static) I discovered Rebel Barre in the past 3 years and have cult-level love for it now. I also spend an undue amount of time generally fawning over my cat Ted.

Who inspires you and why?

Elon Musk (because he’s somewhat mad and is doing such ground-breaking things with SpaceX while making them accessible and interesting to the general public), J.K. Rowling (because her story is so phenomenal, and she is quite frankly, a genius), and Marie Colvin (because I am in awe of her tenacity, bravery and talent). Can I mention my cat again?

Sarah Martin is our new Community and Events Executive here at Glandore Dublin. You can connect with her on Linkedin, or contact her directly about any upcoming Glandore Member events.

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