Has Ireland caught the company culture bug?

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A company’s culture defines many things, ranging from a company’s working environment to its ethics, its expectations, and its goals.


Company culture is essentially the personality of a company.

It has become a big buzzword in the world or work and the modern workplace. However, has Ireland caught the company culture bug?

Let’s find out…

Having a good company culture is no longer just an option. It is expected. Workers consider it as much as they consider their potential salary when searching for a new job.

But why has a company having a culture become the norm here? Well, the continued influx of large multi nationals into Ireland is playing a huge role.

The company culture commanders

Take a look at slide loving, on-site bike riding, Google.

The company’s European headquarters is located here in Dublin and it has been synonymous with having a good company culture for years. Google is one of the fore founders of company personality.

Across the world its staff get free meals, paid for employee trips and gyms on site. They also can earn large financial bonuses, have occasional free staff parties and maybe even be lucky enough to work in a dog friendly environment.

In its Dublin offices, Google have pool tables, a gym, a swimming pool and several incredibly cool working spaces. One of these rooms is called ‘INNOVATE’ – it is designed to express Google’s “boundlessly advanced, dynamic and progressive character.”

It’s of course, not all about the office and layout, but rather creating an environment that embodies your values and vision for the future.

Other companies that invest in culture like Facebook and Twitter, among others, have all helped instill the concept here, with many Irish companies following suit.

Home grown heroes

One of Ireland’s most iconic brands has developed its own unique company culture. Aer Lingus’ head offices are located behind its famous green doors at Dublin Airport.

These offices are located in a huge aircraft hangar, and from them there is an amazing view of the hangar floor, where there are a number of planes undergoing maintenance.

Some of the main features of these offices include a subsidised canteen located in the hangar itself and three floors of colourful office space. Also on display is the Iolar plane. This is the plane that undertook the first ever Aer Lingus flight back in 1936.

All the above makes Aer Lingus a very cool, attractive place to work in. Beautiful modern buildings and subsidized food aside, there’s an element of history and togetherness about the place.

Working in an office and seeing maintenance being carried out on planes makes it easy to see that all types of people with different skills work there. Aer Lingus has played a massive part in Irish history, transporting people to new lives both here and abroad, and having the Iolar plane on site adds a sense of that history.

At the end of the day, every company wants to be successful and every company wants its workers to enjoy coming to work. The happier they are, the more creative, productive and loyal they are.

Recruitment holds the key

If there is one area where company culture is apparent in Ireland it’s in HR and the recruitment process. More and more companies are looking for personality and culture fit, over background and skills. In job specs you’ll see company values along with the necessary requirements. Companies want to attract the right people for them, but also ensure those people stay, and thrive. Recruiting for culture fit is no longer something wacky they do across the pond, its vital for progression, attracting talent, and business growth.

Developing a positive company culture is essential to this, and as companies seek to obtain the perfect working environment, it’s surely fair to say that the bug has well and truly arrived here in Ireland, as our companies aim to be the best they can be for everyone.

What do you think? Is company culture big on our little isle?


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